What your Business can do with Okta Workflows

    What your Business can do with Okta Workflows

    Okta Workflow Considerations

    If you're an existing Okta customer or interested in Single Sign-On solutions for your business, consider Okta Workflows. This platform offers a no-code automation solution that can help streamline user lifecycle management and reduce tedious tasks.

    Gone are the days of manually licensing new hires, adding them to department groups, and reviewing permissions for all their apps. With Okta Workflows, we can set up their access efficiently and effectively for their first day. By designing birthright flows, we can stage a user's group, silently provision their apps, and even auto-activate them before their start date, a few days in advance, or just before Monday's start of business.


    If you plan to tackle it on your own, we recommend researching the following topics.

    • Okta Workflow Overview
    • Trigger Event Cards - these actions kick off a workflow. Most commonly, we see organizations use new user-created and import process completed event cards if you use a third-party source to manage users, such as Workday, BambooHR, or Salesforce.
    • Review Okta pre-built Connectors or determine if your app supports APIs to manage user lifecycle events such as create, read, update, and delete.

    Our Okta Workflow Consulting

    At Iron Cove Solutions, we create and implement workflows for businesses of all sizes. Our experience with deployment has enabled us to develop a plan for success that adds value across industries.

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