Okta Workflow Deployment Expertise - Automating Tasks

  • Discovery and Define
  • Configure
  • Review and Testing
  • Fine Tuning
  • Go-Live

WorkFlow Consulting

Okta Workflow Consulting

At Iron Cove Solutions, we can create and implement business processes for all sizes. Our experience with deployment has enabled us to develop a plan for success that adds value across industries.

Our Process

As part of our process, we will collaborate with your technical team to identify and outline the use cases that can be automated, thereby reducing time-consuming processes. Our engineers will configure and test each flow, fine-tuning them to ensure a scalable process. Once we are satisfied with the testing and configuration, we will implement the automation in your live environment and provide support.


Phase 1

Discovery and Define

In the first phase, we identify prompts that should initiate a flow or complete an automated task. For example, we can automatically activate a new hire based on their timezone, assign groups based on several attributes, or move a user to a suspended status after their contract has ended. Always think of a flow as If-this-Then-that logic.

Phase 2


Next, we create a high-level chart to represent the__ flow visually__. This helps us receive input from your team and ensure everyone is on the same page. We use LucidChart to create the chart, as a picture is worth a thousand words.


Phase 3

Sandbox Configuration and Fine-tuning

This is where we start building the flows within the Workflows console. We create__ parent and child flows__ and test for proper trigger events and timing. We validate the results to make sure they are repeatable.

Phase 4

Deploy and Support

Once the flows have been thoroughly tested, we deploy them into the live production instance of your Okta tenant. Our team provides ongoing support and further enhancements as we continue to use and evolve the flow of use cases.


Phase 5 Deploy and Go-Live

The final stage is to plan for dates and times to release your production-ready WorkFlow.

Okta WorkFlow FAQ

Why do you want Okta WorkFlows for your business?

Enhanced operational efficiency is achieved by automating tasks through new workflows, allowing your resources to focus on core business objectives instead of unnecessary manual labor.

What are Okta Workflows?

Okta Workflows is a platform that allows for easy-to-create automatization processes. Transfer high touch processes to event-based processes.


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