Okta Workflow Deployment

  • Discovery and Define
  • Configure
  • Review and Testing
  • Fine Tuning
  • Go-Live

Okta WorkFlow Consulting

Phase 1 Workflow Discovery and Define

What time-consuming business process are you looking to convert and automate for approval and awareness?


  1. Automate a timely process, e.g. user creation and provisioning with features beyond standard licensing.
  2. Assign licenses based on variable conditions, e.g. Reginal Manager= Admin Sales license vs. Sales Associate (US) = localized standard license.
  3. Email alerts for events that matter to your IT, management, and accounting teams.
  4. Modernize your Access Request management with Okta and Slack?
  5. Assign group memebers based on time. eg: seasonal workers for a specific project. It is a way to make sure access is pulled.
  6. Manage Okta Group Membership Based on Profile Attributes.


Phase 2 Design the Workflow

How do we work with the organization to bring this to life?

We will "paint a picture" of the task at hand through an introductory discussion. Our discussion begins either with a Lucid Chart or PowerPoint and a detailed understanding of the step-by-step process, and this will ensure delivery success.

Phase 3 Begin Building actual Prototype in Okta Sandbox.

Before introducing Okta Workflow to your environment, we'll perform non-intrusive QA sandbox testing for validation.


Phase 4 Fine-Tuning the Workflow

As your familiarity and comfort level grows with Okta workflows, we'll redefine any functions and processes based on your feedback.

Once adjusted, we'll return to testing until your Okta Workflow meets production readiness.

Phase 5 Deploy Okta WorkFlow and Go-Live

The final stage is to plan for dates and times to release your production-ready WorkFlow.


WorkFlow FAQ

What are Okta Workflows?

Okta Workflows is a platform that allows for easy-to-create automatization processes. Transfer high touch processes to event-based processes.

How do I connect to Okta Workflows?

Okta Workflows supports various API integrations, including OAuth and pre-configured connectors for apps like Google Workspace, Slack, Zoom, and many more.

What events and actions can I utilize?

Many Okta lifecycle events are pre-configured in workflows, such as updating a user, adding a member to a group, or deactivating an account. The unique event serves as a trigger to kick off the process.

Key Point: Actions within Okta or applications depend on your SaaS apps' supported API events.


Faster cloud adoption is better when utilization is 100%. While deploying web services for the cloud, we give a lot of emphasis on reducing response time to enable a smooth voyage for users to cloud services. We understand that just deploying on the cloud is not enough; we need to implement it in the right manner to give a better experience to your users.


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