How to transform by moving Microsoft 365 with these 4 steps

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Microsoft 365

  1. Work securely and stay updated

Microsoft 365 is updated monthly, keeping you secure always.


• Office Perpetual receives yearly service packs that are more involved to deploy.

  1. Work real-time

• Microsoft 365 enables working together efficiently with tools like group emails and chat, real-time co-authoring, online meetings, and one-click file-sharing and is accessible from any device at any time.


• Office Perpetual doesn't have online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. limiting work only offline and accessible only on the PC.

  1. Work on the go

• 1 Microsoft 365 license is usable across 5 PCs/Tabs/phones/Macs.


• Purchasing Office Perpetual is required for each PC/Mac separately.

  1. Latest features and capabilities

• New features and capabilities such as PowerPoint designer, insights in excel, are enabled in Microsoft 365 along with 1TB OneDrive storage per user.

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