Save 30 Minutes or more for onboarding workers to Cloud Applications.

OE is a customized and convenient application, single web page, and one-stop-place for owners and managers to onboard and offboard users to business cloud applications. No more looking for where to turn workers on or off. A one-stop web page to on and off board workers, partners and users. Save Time


OE, the Perfect Harmony of Coordination

Why the Orchestration Engine.

Deliver onboarding securely with the OE Application. It is your Okta time saving enhancement!

This powerful tool orchestrates Okta's functionalities with greater flexibility for onboarding identities and cloud access management. The Orchestration Engine connects to Okta and Okta Workflows to deliver a seamless and secure user experience by integrating and automating Okta processes.

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Movie Studio Uses Orchestration Engine and Real-Time Provisioning.


This movie and TV production company wants a single web page to onboard single users or groups into Okta and engage Okta workflows. Additionally, it needs to manage complex onboarding processes, coordinate tasks, and harness the full potential of its resources with instant user validation and application assignments like Office 365 email or Box license assignments.

User Validation (check for duplicates) and application assignments like Office 365 email or Box license assignments will happen instantly.

Desired Product Features

  • Integrate with Okta.
  • User Validation. IE: Check to see if user is in system already.
  • Web-based form for all devices.
  • Empower employees to sign-up workers and provision users for application assignments.
  • Utilize API controls into their complex systems.
  • Zendesk approval automation via custom webhooks.
  • Rapid Group Onboarding via CSV web form.
  • High adoption rate of OE system.
  • Lower Cost, Fast Onboarding,
  • No training application with better results.


Picture a stage where manual labor gives way to automation, data flows seamlessly between systems, and businesses can scale quickly. The OE is meticulously crafted to fulfill this vision, empowering businesses, small and large, to unlock new heights of productivity.

We powered these cloud applications by our OE Engine.

Reasons For The Orchestration Engine.

Move Fast

One place to enter user information and "check-box" the Cloud Applications you need. This time-consuming, logging into mulitiple cloud applications is removed. If you want to Onboard a single or group of users via a CSV, this can be done.

Save Money

Avoid unnecessary Cloud Application subscription overage charges.

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