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Feature Business + $4.36/user/month PP-ESS-BUS2 Advanced + $6.67/user/month PP-ESS-ADV2 Professional + $8.91/user/month PP-ESS-PRO2
Custom Content Filtering
Impostor Email Protection
URL Defense
Predictive URL Defense New
Attachment Defense Reputation
Attachment Defense Sandboxing
Social Media Account Protection
Advanced BEC Detection New
Email Warning Tags New
One-Click Message Pull New
Outbound Filtering
Data Loss Prevention
Email Encryption
Emergency Inbox 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Email Spooling 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Email Archiving
Exchange and Microsoft 365 Support
Search and Discovery
Data Import and Export

Essentials Advance Email Filtering for URL, Virus, Phishing and Ransomware Protection

Proofpoint Essentials Cybersecurity

Proofpoint Essentials protects your organization from email threats including phishing, malware, spam, and other forms of objectionable or dangerous content.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are being targeted by increasingly complex attacks and malware. The growing level of sophisticated, malicious emails is putting SMEs at risk.

Proofpoint Essentials is a cloud-based enterprise-class email security, continuity, and archiving product designed specifically for SMEs. It’s backed by Proofpoint’s enterprise class security and infrastructure – the same technology that protects some of the largest and most security conscious companies in the world.

Proofpoint Essentials Security Awareness for your business.

They have developed and coined the term ThreatSim® Phishing Simulations. This will reveal how susceptible your end users are to a wide range of phishing and spear-phishing attacks. These simulations test your end user's education and cyber security insight.

Businesses struggle with end-user security training, and they stumble because training comes across as a waste of time. And is not flexible to my schedule.

The Security Awareness platform was developed to prevent, next, next by your end-users with the mouse. You can not afford a hack, or a breach, and this program was designed to get 100% attention of your end-users mind.

Email Security Templates, create a security campaign.

With thousands of different templates across 13 categories, you can assess users on multiple threat types, including:

  • Malicious email attachments.
  • Unsafe URLs embedded in emails.
  • Requests for personal data snatching.

End User Security Training

As a business, you also need to keep your end-user security awareness training up to date with the ever-changing email cyber security attacks.

Proofpoint Essentials Security Awareness Training (SAT) for end-users makes it easy with Campaigns, and you can set those campaigns a year out.

You also need to keep your training up to date with the ever-changing threat landscape. Proofpoint Security Awareness team adds new templates every week to ensure current attack trends are included. Their Dynamic Threat Simulation phishing templates are created from:

  • Proofpoint threat intelligence
  • Customer requests
  • Seasonal trends, like Covid, Christmas, and leading websites like Spotify, Netflix and others.

Proofpoint Essentials Security Awareness FAQ.

Q: Can I use this service, even though I do not have Proofpoint Essentials?

A: Yes, it is platform-agnostic and works with many filtering services.

Q: What is the pricing?

A: The price is per user per year and is $15.60.

Q; What can I see in reports?

A: You can see who clicked, didn't do well in training, and failed the org and put you at risk.

Q: What can I see with the Company Training Report Card?

A: The company training report card provides an at-a-glance view of average scores per module, users who are overdue on completing their assignments, and an assignment-level summary of users' progress status (not started, in progress, completed) and the completion rate.

Q: Do I need Proofpoint Essentials to run the Security Awareness?

A: You do not and can run it with Office 365, Exchange, and Google GMail.


Quickly view the status of your training programs, including progress status (completed, not started, in progress), average scores, and completion rates. Quickly identify the users who are overdue on completing their assignments.

It's a lights-out service as your head hits the pillow, knowing this is in place for your business. Call today (888) 959-2825

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Complete Defense Against Today’s Email Threats

End Spam and Ransomware with Proofpoint MLX™ Email Scanning.

Powered by Proofpoint MLX™ machine learning technology, Proofpoint Essentials spam and phishing detection offers maximum protection against email threats. It examines hundreds of thousands of attributes in every email to accurately detect text, image and attachment-based spam or phishing emails, while automatically adapting to new threats as they appear.

How can I protect against Email Ransomware?

The number one cause of ransomware is clicking on links in an email. If you do anything, you need a service to produce URL blocking and filtering. ProofPoint Essentials essentials email filtering service plans come with in-body blocking URL protection of email.

What level of protection can I get with Attachments?

Attachments, such as Microsoft Office documents, are often used in spear-phishing attacks to deliver banking Trojans, ransomware, or other malware. The Attachment Defense Capability leverages technology that powers the Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection Solution. Intelligence gathered by the dynamic malware analysis is used to identify and block malicious attachments that are designed to evade traditional security solutions.

Anti Virus

Proofpoint's threat detection technology enables our email Anti-Virus to provide customers with unrivaled protection from viruses and other email-borne threats. Our sophisticated anti-virus engines operate at the highest accuracy, performance, and effectiveness levels, blocking all known viruses. Heuristic scanning additionally discovers and protects against currently unknown viruses for added security and reassurance.

Proofpoint Essentials Email Encryption

How does ProofPoint Email Encryption work?

It is required for your business to send all outbound emails through the ProofPoint cloud service. ProofPoint will scan all outgoing email, and Artificial Intelligence will look for specific, potentially sensitive content, such as credit card number, social security, or banking information. If an outgoing email is found to contain such material, the email is wrapped in an encryption package, and the email is sent to the recipients to direct them back to the encryption service where one can read and reply to your email. Responses are delivered to your inbox.

ProofPoint Essentials Advanced and Professional plan only come with Email Encryption.

Proofpoint Essentials Email Encryption is available to customers in both US and EU regions.

Technical Details:

  • Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Message Encryption: AES (256 bit)
  • Digital Signature: ECDSA

Ask Us to send you an encrypted email to you. Please fill out the contact us form below.

What are the steps of email encryption?

Step Description
1 The sender composes an email and hits send.
2 The email is sent to Proofpoint Essentials (over TLS) where the content is analyzed to determine if there are any filters that apply to the message.
3 An encryption filter has been created and applies to the email.
4 If the filter conditions for encryption are not met, the message proceeds forward with standard routing.
5 The email is delivered to and stored in the Encryption portal. (Expires after 15 days)
6 A notification email is sent to the original sender (e.g., "Your email was encrypted").
7 A notification email is sent to each recipient (e.g., "You have received an encrypted email").
8 The recipient clicks on the link in the email to view the content via the Encryption portal.
9 The recipient registers (one-time) to the service and reads the email.
10 The recipient replies to the email.
11 The reply is sent to the original sender (over TLS) and delivered to their inbox.
Key Features Benefits
Automated and Policy-Driven Email Encryption Companies can automatically identify and secure sensitive outgoing information, such as PII, PHI, financial information, GDPR terms and many more with built-in term dictionaries and SmartSearch identifiers.
User-Defined Encryption Users can encrypt emails in one quick and easy step. They just add a simple identifier in the subject line of the email.
Secure Mail Portal Recipients of the encrypted emails are directed to our Secure Mail portal where they can read and respond to sent emails through an intuitive web portal.
Outlook Plug-In / Add-In Users can trigger encryption by clicking a simple send button in their Outlook ribbon when composing a new email.

What version does the encryption outlook plugin work with?

Exchange Version Window's Version Outlook Version Proofpoint Installer
Exchange 2010 Windows 7, Windows 10 Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 N/A
Exchange 2013 Windows 7, Windows 10 Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 N/A
Exchange 2016+ Windows 7, Windows 10 Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 N/A

This outlook plugin does not work with Outlook for mac or Apple or any IOS.


Q: Does Proofpoint Email Encryption come with a read receipt?

A: Unfortunately, it does not come with a read receipt.

Q: Can I only want to use a subset of users for the essential email encryption service?

A: Unfortunately, it's domain-wide, and you can not select just a handful of users to use the email encryption service.

Q: What is BEC? (Identity Deception)

A: It is the ability to protect Domain spoofing, lookalike domains, display name spoofing, account compromise.

Q; What does BEC Defence look at when reviewing email headers?

A: Sender reputation by email domain. It will look at inconsistent reply-to-pivot where the domain and IP don't match. It will look at the IP of the untrustworthy locale. It will also look at urgencies and Authoritative languages, such as payment language and reference to a bank account or wire transfer reference.

Q: What is email warning Tags?

A: It provides an email warning lable to be careful about executing a command from the email such as "here is where to wire money". Its a take caution and extra layer of information.

Email Warning Tags: Use Cases

Tag Type Description Availability
External Senders Informational The sender of the email is external to your organization. Launch
GEOIP Informational The origin of the email may be coming from a Country of concern. Launch
Imposter (DMARC) Warning The sending domain has some problems with its DMARC policy. Launch
Domain age Warning The sender domain was recently created. Launch
Suspicious Warning The email appears “suspicious”; recipient should be cautious with interaction. Q3 2023

Proofpoint Essentials Features PDF and Deployment services


Proofpoint Essentials Price PDF



Key Features Summary

Advanced BEC Defense

  • New Targeted Threat Engine, Supernova, available to Essentials
  • Adds new BEC classifier (Advanced BEC Defense)
  • 3X detection improvement of BEC in preliminary testing
  • Supernova also improves detection of Phishing,
  • Malware, Spam, etc

Email Warning Tags

  • Information and warning tags inserted into message body to inform user of potential risk
  • Helps reduce the organization risk by making users more cautious when interacting with certain emails

One-Click Message Pull

  • Allows administrators to remove delivered malicious message from a
  • Microsoft 365 mailbox Accessible through Email Logs
  • Ability to remove/restore
  • Support for Microsoft 365 only

Predictive URL Defense

  • Malicious URLs will be identified more quickly leading to improved predelivery detection
  • Improves phishing efficacy by sandboxing URLs associated with “suspicious” emails without waiting for user clicks

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