Okta's Missing Template Plug-in App

How to use the Okta Template Plugin app is used a lot by our clients.

For all apps they want to connect to using a standard login page (with just a login and password field), they would use this Template Plugin app. While it is not as secure as using SAML, we usually have the first phase with projects where we set up all the apps using SWA. After we have 95% or more user adoption, we move into phase 2, where we convert the SWA apps to SAML dependent on the client having the proper license as many SAAS apps these days have a higher fee for SSO.

In the recent upgrade of Okta (Version 2020.01.01 - You can see this version information in the footer of your Admin dashboard), there is a nice visual upgrade in their OIN. It makes searching for apps easier, faster, and more intuitive. But we have found in multiple tenants there is a bug with this version of Okta, and it only occurs in the preview tenant.

Here is a screenshot of the missing Template apps in the OIN:

Missing Template Plugin in new Okta Preview

We opened a case with Okta and found that in order to be able to use the Template Plugin for SWA apps (and any Template plugin for that matter) you must get Okta to disable a feature flag. If you run into this same issue, open a case with Okta and request that they disable the APP_CATALOG_V2 feature flag. To speed these along, make sure to provide the URL to your preview tenant as well as giving Okta "24-hour" access to your tenant.

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