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Reasons for considering us.

  1. Reduction in ramping up new workers to learn Okta.
  2. Always Available Support for Unwavering Success.
  3. Our team can seamlessly integrate and jump into your Okta instance with your existing IT infrastructure, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition.
  4. Identify opportunities to leverage Okta's advanced features for your business.
  5. Expertise at Your Fingertips: Our team of Senior Okta consultants possesses in-depth knowledge of the platform and a demonstrated history of successful implementations.

What Makes An Exceptional Okta Consulting Engineer For Your Needs?

Our Engineers

As Okta Consulting engineers, we understand the critical role we play in helping organizations like yours implement and optimize your identity and access management (IAM) strategies using the Okta platform. To ensure a successful engagement, here are some of the key traits we bring to the table:

Beyond Tech:

We go beyond technical expertise. Our communication and interpersonal skills ensure we collaborate effectively with clients across various technical and non-technical backgrounds.

Deep Okta Expertise:

We possess in-depth knowledge of Okta, encompassing its features, functionalities, and underlying architecture. We hold relevant certifications like Okta Certified Professional (OCP) or Okta Certified Architect (OCA) to validate our expertise.


We prioritize your needs and satisfaction. We work collaboratively to understand your specific challenges and goals, delivering solutions that address them effectively.

Cloud Savvy:

We are familiar with cloud-based infrastructure and APIs, which are crucial for seamless Okta deployments in today's cloud-centric landscape.

You're Missing Out On Your Okta Cloud Purchase!

Timely Expert Support.

When purchasing your Okta licenses directly from Okta, you miss out on something important—timely, expert-quality support and knowledge.

Strong Work Ethic and Independence:

We take ownership of projects, managing them with dedication and initiative.

Wider IAM and Cloud App Landscape:

Understanding various Cloud and IAM solutions allows us to compare and contrast options, ensuring the best fit for your organization.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

We believe in working effectively with other engineers, consultants, and clients to achieve the best possible outcome.


Why Do Customers Need A Okta Managed Service?


Access expert advice and guidance to optimize resources, streamline processes, and enhance efficiency.

Optimize Costs

Decrease IT expenditures and enhance the cost-efficiency of technical operations.

Address your business requirements faster.

Acquire tailored solutions designed to meet your distinct business needs and objectives.

Implement New Technologies quickly.

Implement and manage new cloud applications and technology with ease.

Our Support!

We're here for you every step of the way - whether it's answering your call, chatting with you on Slack, or meeting you wherever you need us!

FAQ And Key Questions About Okta.

What can I manage with Okta?

We get it, such a ubiquitous term “manage.” If you think about how you wish to grow and protect what you own as a business, everything starts with a login. The login credentials provide so much in an app-dominated world. Now, couple that with growth, relationships with partners and vendors, and managing this can become complicated.

Device proliferation, work from home, and travel in remote locations can become a security problem. It’s the ability to control and handle this access that is important. It’s a complex problem, but when treated with the thought and desire to increase security, Okta is a great place to start!

What is IDAAS and how can this help my organization?

Your business has data, applications, and services that all require a login and password. To what and whom you give access is critical. IDAAS (Identity As A Service) ensures access to those apps are secure and, only those individuals are allowed to view and use those applications.

By implementing a proper IDAAS service, your business is now centralized, and the exposure to data loss is significantly decreased.

What is Okta's Zero Trust?

With an increasingly mobile workforce, partners, and contractors, and with the widespread adoption of cloud applications and services, it’s no longer supported to assume that your data is secure simply because a credential login checks out. Most data breaches involve stolen identities and credentials from unsavory people. Zero Trust is a wounderful use case where organizations can centralize identity and access control to secure access to apps and services, whether cloud-based on on-premises.

Can anyone see my passwords or logins?

No. Okta is a security-first service, and to allow such access would be disastrous as this gives anyone with more authority and control unfiltered access to anything you own. The good news is that Okta will never allow admins, owners or even itself to view your login credentials.

However, if allowed, end-users can reveal passwords that they set for themselves. This can also be controlled if you wish to have users never see a single password, or username ever again.

When an employee, partner or vendor access is created, deleted, or suspended, the credentials stored will be removed and wiped out — not the data behind the application, just the access. This will give you complete control and privacy required from both administrative and end-users.

Have you rebranded old Okta instance to new Okta instance?

Yes. We worked with many business whom complete a mergers and acquisition which need to integrate a current Okta instance into their Okta instance. We help guide in validation and sequence to migrate to a single idenity.

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