Why do we recommend Okta for your business?

We simplify the integration process of Okta Identity Cloud services. Identity and Access Management expands beyond people and their applications. Whether you're using local directories or depend on SaaS providers, we believe Okta can be leveraged as a single source of truth.

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Integrate Okta and connect everyone anywhere, anytime.

What is Okta?

  • Its ability to quickly secure user access to cloud and on-premise applications.
  • Leverage Single Sign-On (SSO) for simplified access.
  • Implement automated Life Cycle Management such as Workday. Provision a user through rich integrations of directories and apps.
  • Provide Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and security controls to prevent compromised credential access.
  • Enable use driven self-service account to unlock and password recovery.

What can we do for your Okta deployment?

  • Provide best practices and implementation guidance for Okta adoption.
  • Define project goals and track progress through our project management tools.
  • Assist with user adoption and communication.

Our goal is seamlessly to integrate Okta with your environment, whether all cloud or on-premise

Directory Integration with Okta

Many organizations depend on existing directories for user creation and attribute handling. With Okta's AD Agent Integration app, you can extend Active Directory profiles into Okta. User attributes and group memberships are imported to simplify application and access controls.

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Our Okta Microsoft Office 365 integration experience

How does Okta connect to Office 365?

Deploying Office 365 using Okta offers a single sign-on process through federation using WS-Federation and WS-Trust for web clients, rich clients, and email applications supported by Microsoft. It’s a seamless authentication experience for Office 365 and Okta's SSO experience.

How can I leverage Active Directory (AD) with Okta?

Okta’s identity services can simplify Office 365 rollout to your enterprise. By integrating with Active Directory (AD), Okta automates the lifecycle management process. I.T. can create groups and policies in AD, these specific attributes are pushed downstream to Okta. This downstream connection now enables your firm to have a Single Source of Truth. Where any changes in Okta are now reflective in the cloud application end users can access. This makes provisioning and deprovisioning simple and quick. In addition to reducing individual onboarding time, it also means that businesses can scale seamlessly.

What Microsoft Office 365 experience do we have?

  • We can set up Azure Active Directory to connect to Okta for cloud environments.
  • We guide you through the process and connect Active Directory to Okta.
  • We have migrated more than 500,000 employees to Office 365.
  • We are Silver Microsoft Cloud partners.
Is Okta right for my company?

Reasons for considering Okta

  1. 50% reduction in support related Active Directory password lockout.
  2. $3M average cost of a breached lost/stolen credential.
  3. 50% faster on-boarding of employees and contractors.
  4. Seamless and Secure access for SAML2.0 web apps.
  5. Tight integration to Active Directory for user and group management.
  6. Implementation of control and access policies for both internal and external networks.
Key Questions about Okta.

What can I manage with Okta?

We get it, such a ubiquitous term “manage.” If you think about how you wish to grow and protect what you own as a business, everything starts with a login. The login credentials provide so much in an app-dominated world. Now, couple that with growth, relationships with partners and vendors, and managing this can become complicated.

Device proliferation, work from home, and travel in remote locations can become a security problem. It’s the ability to control and handle this access that is important. It’s a complex problem, but when treated with the thought and desire to increase security, Okta is a great place to start!

What is IDAAS and how can this help my organization?

Your business has data, applications, and services that all require a login and password. To what and whom you give access is critical. IDAAS (Identity As A Service) ensures access to those apps are secure and, only those individuals are allowed to view and use those applications.

By implementing a proper IDAAS service, your business is now centralized, and the exposure to data loss is significantly decreased.

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Can anyone see my passwords or logins?

No. Okta is a security-first service, and to allow such access would be disastrous as this gives anyone with more authority and control unfiltered access to anything you own. The good news is that Okta will never allow admins, owners or even itself to view your login credentials.

End users, however, if allowed, can reveal passwords that they set for themselves. This can also be controlled if you wish to have users never see a single password or username ever again.

When an employee, partner or vendor access is created, deleted or suspended, the credentials stored will be removed and wiped out — not the data behind the application, just the access. This will give you complete control and privacy required from both administrative and end users.

Have you connected an SAP application to Okta?

Yes. We worked with a major electronics firm with multiple locations and personnel around the world. SAP was the backbone for this electronics firm, needed to increase the security in foreign countries where it manufactures. With our ability to be flexible, we were able to achieve an SAP-Okta integration.

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