Okta Acquires ScaleFT to Bring Zero Trust to the Enterprise

Okta Acquires ScaleFT to Bring Zero Trust to the Enterprise

Okta, Inc. one of Iron Cove leading partner announced on July 18, it acquired ScaleFT, a Zero Trust security company. Authentication is as you know the core of Okta and the ability to trust who, when, where is the backbone of Okta security. With this acquisition, Okta "Making Zero Trust a reality for Okta customers" is on the horizon! In the press release Frederic Kerrest, Chief Operating Officer stated “Companies have realized they can no longer trust their network and have to understand device security — instead of trusting everyone behind a firewall, now IT and security leaders must trust no one, inside or outside the organization. To help our customers increase security while also meeting the demands of the modern workforce, we’re acquiring ScaleFT to further our contextual access management vision — and ensure the right people get access to the right resources for the shortest amount of time,”

Today, Okta is on the horizon to the Zero Trust model accessible for customers in the following ways:

  • Centralizing identity and access control via Single Sign-On (SSO):

  • Ensuring strong authentication across all services via Multi-factor Authentication (MFA):

  • Reducing attack surfaces through automated provisioning and deprovisioning:

  • Providing visibility and response to credential compromise and account takeover attacks:

Read the full press release at this link!

Congrats Okta we look forward to implementing with customers.

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