Newest Update from Okta's Webinar featuring new Admin role changes and more!

    In Okta's latest Webinar they talked about what's new. Okta' Release Life Cycle is broken down into three types: Beta, EA (Early Access) and GA (General Availability)

    • Beta: features are opt-in features that you can try out in your org, and provide feedback on to help shape the product's future. Okta Admins can sign up to participate in feature beta programs on the Okta support site.

    • Early Access (EA): features are opt-in features that you can try out in your org by asking Okta Support to enable them. Additionally, the Features page in the Okta Admin console allows Super Admins to enable and disable some EA features themselves.

    • General Availability (GA): features are available to all orgs automatically according to each customer's SKU. You don't need to enable them in the console of contact Okta Support.

    What are the new Okta features?

    UD (Universal Directory)


    • Expanded LDAP Directory Integrations
    • New Admin Roles



    • Device visibility and remote sign-out
    • Okta FastPass
    • If you want a consistent passwordless experience ON ANY DEVICE, FROM ANYWHERE, Okta FastPass is the answer
    • Okta Access Gateway
      • Support for leading laaS (Logging as a service) platform
        • AWS (GA Q4 2019)
        • GA (GA Q1 2020)
        • Oracle Cloud (GA Q2 2020)


    • Risk-based Auth for Okta Verify


    • Advanced Server Access
      • Enhanced User Attribute Management - Better support for brownfield deployments by preserving existing attributes and configurations - Enable POSIX-schema attributes to be sourced in UD, automatically provisioned via SCIM - Consistently apply server account Username, UID, GID, home dir, and default shell

    LCM (Lifecycle Management)


    • Import Monitoring
      • View the details of a current import process
      • View the details of a completed import process

    Okta Integrations


    • Enhanced AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration - Sign into AWS SSO with a single click to get access to all your AWS accounts and resources
    • Centrally Manage Users in AWS SSO` - Centrally manage assignments of users and groups to AWS accounts and permission sets
    • Automated Provisioning for AWS SSO - Benefits - Automate user provisioning from Okta to AWS SSO - Centralized management of permissions in AWS SSO - Push groups to AWS SSO with Group Push

    Enhanced AWS SSO Integration with CLI Support

    - AWS CLI users can authenticate with Okta credentials + MFA to get access to their AWS accounts and roles

    Developer Experience

    • Golang SDK Update to Support More Use Cases
      • Added support for more than 85 API endpoints, rate limiting, bug fixes, and enhancements
    • OAuth for Okta support in Management SDKs
      • All Management SDKs now support OAuth for Okta (Okta is encouraging customers to use this authentication mechanism)
    • PKCE (Pronounced Pixy) is now the default
      • All of our latest front-end SDKs, including the Sign-In Widget after version 4.0, now use the PKCE flow by default
    • New Error Codes page on Developer Docs

    User Experience


    • New End User Dashboard - Modern Look and Feel - More Responsive - Mobile Friendly - Better Navigation - Accessibility Compliance
      • New Okta Browser Plugin

    What's Next for the End User Dashboard? - GA (H2 2020) - Hide Quick Access section - Translation and localization support for all 27 languages - Full banner and notification support (e.g new app assignment) - Future - More branding and visual customization

    Limited Access


    • Control in-app actions based on device context
    • Networking for complex environments - Multiple Network Interfaces (NICs) increases connectivity to multiple subnets or vnets - High Availability directly from the management console improves scalability
    • Sudo Entitlements Management for Linux - Central management plane for enforcing least privilege access via Sudo - Admins can whitelist command sets for specific groups across series of servers - Okta automates the end-to-end lifecycle of individual sudoers drop-in files
    • Okta Integration Network Catalog v2 - Key Changes - Fuzzy Search - New home page layout and categories - Improved documentation about key integrations


    • Submit OpenID Connect Apps - Yes there will be support for submitting OIDC apps in the OIN! - Key Features - Self Service portal - Create and share OpenID Connect applications - Accessible in Okta Integration Network to all customers


    • Password Import Inline Hook - Pause Okta authentication to call out to a 3rd party system - Validate passwords within the 3rd party system - Import valid password into Okta's UD
    • Support for Multiple O365 domains - Simplified rollout of new Office 365 domains - Centralized administration for user assignment - Centralized policy management of all O365 domains

    Coming Soon!


    - `O365 GCC High App`
        - Support for SSO and LCM
        - Designed to meet requirements of the United States Department of Defense
        - Available in the OIN (Okta Integration Network)


    NOTES FROM WATCHING WEBINAR Product Releases + Roadmap


    Okta release LC beta, EA, GA

    (slide 1)

    New Features


    Okta admin roles change

    • Group admin role, help desk role
    • 3rd party admin? - treat differently than typical admin
    • No Okta emails or won't be able to contact okta support
    • Customers want more flexibility in admin roles (beta) end of 2020


    • MFA is top (everyone is working remote)
    • Risk-based Auth for Okta verify -
    • How it works -

    Beta feature (lots of device specific features coming soon)

    Okta FastPass

    • Demo of Fastpass working (using windows hello)
    • Okta desktop shortcut
    • Entering slack with no password

    Okta Access Gateway (OAG)

    • AWS
    • Azure
    • Oracle Cloud

    Find them in settings > Download > scroll down and select

    Advanced Server Access

    advanced server access okta

    LCM Import Monitoring (beta)

    • Import something
    • Click import link test


    Full details takes you to okta system log

    Okta integrations

    Over 6500 apps

    New AWS SSO app (GA)

    • Now can centrally manage permissions
    • AWS admins will have full visibility on who has access to what

    aws single sign-on integration with cli support


    Developer Experience


    By default all using PKCE

    Cloud Licensing Providers we support.

    Real-time, support for your Okta needs, delivered directly via our Slack channel.

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