How to use Proofpoint Essentials as an email filter solution to protect your organization and devices

    How to use ProofPoint Essentials Features set by us.


    According to Campaign Monitor, a small business receives about 121 emails each day and increases yearly by about six as the business grows and gets older, incoming emails increase. Can you imagine how many emails a large company such as Amazon, Verizon, and Facebook? Have you checked your email? How full is your inbox?

    In today’s world, everyone uses email. It’s nearly impossible to maintain a business without it. Even the everyday individual needs to have an email. Each day millions or even billions of messages are distributed around with at least 90% of them being spam. We all hate junk mail and the misuse of resources it entails. It is similar to Vishing calls or automated machines that try to offer you a particular service. Sometimes you might like to receive promotion advertisements from listed stores, like Black Friday deals, but if you haven’t signed up for it, it’s not pleasant. It’s obvious why you wouldn’t want spam either. It takes too much of your time at work to go through the emails and filter out the unnecessary messages that take up a lot of your inbox.

    What are Proofpoint Essentials Features?

    Proofpoint Essentials is used by as many as 5,300 organizations globally. It gives a modern, simplified management experience. It is a cybersecurity solution providing the following features:

    • Signature Based Antivirus
    • Spam Filtering
    • Reporting
    • Content Filtering
    • Outbound Filtering
    • Attachment Filtering
    • URL Filtering
    • Email Encryption
    • Social Media
    • Email Archiving

    How to use Proofpoint Essentials Tools


    • Log Search - A log search is troubleshooting mail flow. Logs found, only tell you what happens to the message once it is accepted. Log searches can be narrowed down to All Users, Discovered Users, by Specific User, Specific Group, or Specific Functional Account. It can be further searched by Type, whether its an inbound or outbound mail from who sends it or the sender, the status of the mail, Subject, and Specific date or dates.

    All user log search

    Emergency Inbox - It’s an inbox that allows users to send and receive messages if the companies mail systems are offline due to maintenance or unexpected outages. The emergency inbox can be used to send new messages as well as reply to them. When the email system is back up, any messages that were sent both new and replies are automatically delivered to the mail server.

    Emergency inbox

    How to customize security setting policies and filters using Proofpoint Essentials

    • Email
      • Filter Policies - Policies are created by Administrators to Enabled, Disabled, Deleted a filter
        • These policies require a Policy name and/or whether it is created for Inbound or Outbound messages.

    Filter Policies

    Filter settings

    Sender Settings - A list of messages from Addresses, Domain IP address that you include on either your Blocked or Safe sender list.
    - Examples; e.g., *, Spam Settings - Adjusting the level of the spam engine can indicate the proportion of emails that will be passed or failed based on the current settings. The default setting is 7.

    Spam sensitivity trigger level

    • Additional settings
      • Quarantine release policy - Chooses who can release quarantined mail.
      • Quarantine email suspect of being phish - Places emails determined as phishing attacks in the quarantine.
      • Require admin to release phish email .
      • Quarantine bulk email - Place any email suspected as bulk in the quarantine.
      • Spam stamp & forward - Add a tag to the subject of any email that may be spam that our engine was unsure about.
      • Spam stamp & forward subject tag - Customize the tag that will appear in the subject line of spam stamp and forwarded email.
      • Easy-spam reporting disclaimer in passed email - This will add a disclaimer to emails stating that they have been scanned for spam and viruses. Includes an option for reporting misclassifications.
      • Check box - Inbound domain spoofing protection.
      • Check box - Inbound DNS check.

    Email Tagging - This creates a rule where incoming emails from external senders to your Organizations domains will be tagged in the subject line.

    How to use Administration on Proofpoint Essentials

    • Account Management
      • Profile - Account profile will display the description of the organization’s information. The type of license version, activation date, renewal date, along with the End User License Agreement (EULA) is additionally be shown.

      • Features

        • Allows you to enable Instant Replay (A link to the quarantine digest and quarantine logs that allow users to re-send their mail to their inbox) for the option of 1, 2, 3, or 30 days.
        • Enable outbound relaying.
        • Enable Disclaimers.
        • Enable SMTP Discovery.
        • Enable Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
        • Enable URL Defense.
        • Enable Attachment Defense.
        • Enable Attachment Defense Sandbox (Licensed).
      • SMTP Discovery - it’s an additional way to add users. It allows email to be relayed to non-licensed users.

        • Inbound Detection Threshold number (1-10) - You can select how many clean emails must be detected before the email address appears on the SMTP discovery list.
        • Number of notifications (1-10) - You can select the number of SMTP notifications you would like to receive before the email address expires from the SMTP discovery list.
        • Check Boxes
          • Expired Addresses Default to New User.
          • Auto-add Detect Alias Address.
          • Auto-add New Users Detected via Outbound.
          • Report On New Users.
          • Report on New Aliases.
          • Include Contact in the Report.
      • Domains

        • Domains Proofpoint Domains
      • Adding New Domain - Adding a new Domain needs to consist of - Domain Name - Domain Purpose - Delivery Destination - SMTP Failover - Verification Method New Domain

    Sending Servers Sending servers

    SMTP Authentication SMTP Authentication

    • Digests
      • The Digests Consist of

        • Whether or not you want to receive Quarantine Digest - Users receive email reports detailing mail that has been quarantined.
        • Choose if you want to include messages quarantined since last Quarantine Digest was sent - Quarantine digest will only include messages that have been quarantined after the last digest was sent.
        • Choose Delivery start time - By default it is set to 3 am and Digest will be sent to your users. This can be adjusted to any time desired.
        • Option for 4, 6, 8, 12, or . Interval between Quarantine Digest checks.
        • Option to digest as far back as 30 days.
      • Notifications - Checkbox for option to send welcoming emails

      • Alerts - Get notified when your organizations are spooling mail. - Choose who should receive the spooling alert (Admin, Tech, or both). - Choose how the spooling alert should be delivered (Email, SMS, or both).

      • Branding - This section lets you customize your color scheme along with uploading a logo.

    How to add Users and Groups on Proofpoint Essentials

    Users - As an Administrator, you can Add, Delete, Update, and Export Users.

    adding users

    Adding User Fields Proofpoint User fields

    Groups - Manage groups Proofpoint Groups

    • Adding Group Fields Proofpoint Group Fields

    • Functional Accounts

      • Adding a Functional Account - This feature is for email-enabled Distribution Lists / Security Groups / Public folders that exist in the customer’s local Active Directory which do not already exist in Proofpoint.
    • Import & Sync

      • CSV Import

    Proofpoint CSV Import

    • Active/ Azure Directory Sync - Tool allows organizations using Active Directory to import and/or synchronize users and groups from Office 365 directly to their account.

    How to check Threat Reporting in Proofpoint Essentials

    Threat Reporting - This section display reports in different category sections. Each category will give you a report on Virus, Image, Blocked Senders List, Spam, and all Clean messages.

    Proofpoint Threat reporting

    Proofpoint Report Builder

    • Traffic
      • Daily Traffic - This will track an hourly report with the option to choose Inbound or Outbound.
      • Monthly Traffic - This will track daily reports with the option to choose Inbound or Outbound.
      • Traffic by Address - Narrow your report with the option to choose Inbound or Outbound based on Address. Proofpoint Traffic by Address Report

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