How does FIDO work for your business with a user

How does FIDO work for your business with a user

How does FIDO work?

FIDO, which stands for Fast Identity Online, works by using a combination of hardware, cloud application directories, software, and cryptographic functions to provide secure user authentication. Here's a brief overview of how FIDO works:

1. Public Key Cryptography: FIDO uses public key cryptography to create a unique key pair set to one user. This private key is stored securely on the user's device or computer, such as a smartphone or a security token, while the public key is registered with the online service.

2. Authentication Process: When a user attempts to log in, the online service sends a challenge to the user's device. The device or computer uses the private key to create a response to the challenge and sends it back to the service.

3. Secure Communication: FIDO ensures that the communication between the device and the service is encrypted, protecting the user's credentials from being intercepted by attackers.

4. Phishing and Man-in-the-Middle Protection: FIDO also offers protection against phishing attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks by ensuring that the authentication process only occurs within a secure and trusted environment.

By using FIDO, firms can enhance their security by implementing strong, multi-factor authentication that reduces the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data, cloud services, and systems.

Fido Authentication Process

Cloud_ApplicationFIDO_ServerFIDO_DeviceCloud_ApplicationFIDO_ServerFIDO_DeviceStart Authentication RequestRequest AuthenticationGenerate Authentication KeySend Authentication KeyVerify Authentication KeyAuthentication SuccessfulForward TokenAccess Granted

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