Okta Deployment to Office 365 for Non Profit

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Okta Deployment to Office 365 for Non Profit

##Client ##The client is a large nonprofit out of Detroit.


  • Deployment of Okta and the federation of Microsoft 365 to 100 workers.
  • Tighten the security of remote workers, using Okta's Adaptative Multifactor (AMFA).
  • AMFA has the ability to create contextual access policies that assess risk factors, such as mobile device, network, location, travel, IP, and other contexts, at each step of the authentication process.

##Business Process and Security

  • Authenticaton of user remotely.
  • Reduction of IT related password resets.
  • Lockdown of Office 365
  • Implemented Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to deliver additional security, preventing data breaches.

###Provide Project Plan

  • Provide expert Microsoft and Okta Consulting
  • Interacting with customers on daily basis to resolve the SSO-related issues.
  • Project Time 40 Hours
  • Total Cost $8,000

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