Case Study with Office 365 Migration and Okta

Case Study with Office 365 Migration and Okta

Business Solution

A trucking fleet management technology company approached Iron Cove with its business requirement to consolidate its multi-forest multi-tenant Microsoft Office 365 environment. Growth by acquisition created a new multi-forest multi-tenant issue with a variety of new challenges.

The customer's primary business goal was to improve business productivity by creating cross-forest trust and the ability to manage users in Active Directory (AD). Also, single sign-on (SSO) was an important feature they needed to invoke to improve secure access to business applications and minimize the increased amount of IT time devoted to handling password reset queries from end users within the organization.

As the organization continues to grow by acquisition, corporate users are increasingly located in international offices with varied requirements for accessing enterprise applications. These acquired companies needed to migrate into the primary Office 365 tenant.

Customer Profile

Iron Cove's customer delivers software-as-a-service-based fleet management to help more than 30,000 private and for-hire trucking fleet management customers manage nearly 1,000,000 mobile assets in more than 60 countries. Microsoft Office 365's business productivity suite is the heart of the company's communication.

Getting Office 365 to work across the enterprise on one consolidated tenant on one email domain was critical.

Working across international time zones meant the Iron Cove team coordinated working meetings and update calls on a 24-hour clock. Also, it helped that some of Iron Cove's cloud engineering team speaks multiple languages, including fluet Spanish.


  • Streamlined customer's multi-forest multi-tenant Office 365 migration
  • Okta for SSO reduced helpdesk support with password resets and cloud app access
  • Okta simplifies end-user access to Office 365 and other apps


After due diligence that included evaluating other professional services companies single sign-on and identity management solutions like ADFS, the customer elected to partner with Iron Cove, an Okta-certified professional solutions provider, and deploy Okta prior to migrating acquisition companies into a single Office 365 tenant. Acquisition companies would have access to Office 365 and other enterprise apps by using Okta as a SSO login experience.

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