Google Workspace to Google Workspace Gmail Migration

Google Workspace to Google Workspace Gmail Migration

Business Scope

A mortgage loan firm out of San Franciso acquired another firm of 80 employees. Due to NDA, I can't name them, but this loan firm wanted to migrate all 85 existing Gsuite email boxes to their new GSuite account. They wanted a turnkey process and consulting firm to accomplish this migration. They didn't have the time to achieve the migration and wanted an outside firm to migrate the historical data.

About the Firm

An online mortgage company with 15 employees acquired an 80 person firm to be integrated into their G Suite tenant.


There was a total of 680 gig of email. There was also historicals files as well. As part of the migration, calendar, contacts were also being required to migrate. The project started on July 10 and was completed on July 18th. A total of 8 days of migration.

Project Scope

  1. Migrate mailboxes from one G Suite to G suite.
  2. The target mailboxes are already activated, and in use, so we're just going to use the migration to back-fill them.
  3. Contacts migration.
  4. Calendar migration.
  5. Drive migration.
  6. Ensuring the same groups exist on the old vs new G Suite org.


  1. Super Admin privileges.
  2. Line up mailboxes.
  3. Migrate
  4. Confirm data and run a flash sync. (We rerun all mailboxes to ensure nothing was missing).
  5. Change MX Records
  6. End of project.


The Google Workspace to Google Workspace pull is about lining up and pushing in the historical email. There can be limitations around what is exactly pulled and what is not pulled. As data can be old, inconsistent, yes even old email can be a problem.

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