Okta Workflows: Simplify Business Process

  • Workflow Idea
  • If this, function
  • Do this, action
  • Deploy that, App
  • For this user

Workflows With Okta

What is an Okta Workflow?

Okta Workflows is a platform within the Okta Identity Cloud that allows you to automate and streamline various identity-based processes within your organization. It utilizes a no-code/low-code interface, making it accessible to users with varying technical expertise.


What are Okta workflows?

Customers want more flexibility to handle more provisioning needs. They want logic, timing, and multiple actions to deploy an application to a user or user group. Okta WorkFlows truly lowers business costs. If you value time, material, and efficiencies, this is the product set you need with your Okta Cloud suite.

Okta Workflows simplifies a business process.

Okta Workflows simplifies the automation of identity processes on a large scale, eliminating the need for coding. With its if-this-then-that logic, pre-built connector library, and the capability to connect to any publicly available API, Okta empowers users to innovate effortlessly.


What does Okta Workflow achieve for my Organization?

Faster Innovation:

By leveraging Okta Workflows' if-this-then-that logic and pre-built connector library, your organization can innovate more quickly and easily, enabling rapid development and deployment of new identity-related workflows and integrations.

What workflow ideas can I do with Okta workflow?

Improved User Experience Okta Workflows, you can automate user onboarding and offboarding processes, ensuring that employees have timely access to the resources they need and reducing the administrative burden on IT teams. This results in a smoother and more positive user experience.

Licensing When a user is added we need to purchase a cloud license. We need to inform Accounting and then our cloud license provider.


What can we do for your Okta workflow?

  • Workflow Process Consulting
  • Workflow Design
  • Workflow API Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Testing

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