What are Okta Workflows? How can I use them for my business?

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Workflows With Okta

What is an Okta Workflow?


What are Okta workflows?

Customers want more flexibility to handle more provisioning needs. They want logic, timing, and multiple actions to deploy an application to a user or user group. Okta WorkFlows truly lowers business costs. If you value time, material, and efficiencies, this is the product set you need with your Okta Cloud suite.

Why do you want Okta Workflows?

The ability to apply time, logic, and place actions for multiple cloud applications in seconds. For example, here is a process your IT firm does repeatedly you can fix with Okta Workflows.

I hire a user.
I need to notify and allocate with Accounting with the budget request.
I need to provision the user.
I need to authenticate the user.
I need to buy a license for the user.
I need to allocate a license for the user.
I need to send a welcome invite email to the user.

I need, I need, I need.

Now Imagine you do this in one click with an Okta WorkFlows.


What does Okta Workflow achieve for my Organization?

Workflows take a granular action during the onboarding and offboarding of user.

Simple Workflows you can build.

  1. The ability to provide deep provisioning which is the onboarding of a user.
  2. The ability to apply a cloud license to a user or a group.
  3. The ability to deprovision users assets of a user and move those assets to a manager. EX: All the user's files and folders are moved to an appropriate person.

4.The ability to create a ticket to track a manual task. A legacy app doesn't have an API however it is a manual provisioning the application. A ticket should be created such as servicenow and populated with all the approriate info to the support engineer. When the ticket is closed, all upstream request are completed. 5. The ability to notification cloud administrators when the event fails in Okta; we want the app to notify a chat app such as Slack.

WorkFlows can Kick Off a business process to suit your needs. WorkFlows can pull info out of Okta, such as reports.

What workflow ideas can I do with Okta workflow?


When a user is added we need to purchase a cloud license. We need to inform Accounting and then our cloud license provider.


When you delete a user in Dropbox have to move/push files to person and you have seven days. When a file is stagnant for X days, remove from the sync?


Create and Invite a Guest user. Create and Update a Distribution List.


Microsoft 365

  • Remove from distribution list.
  • Add to distribution list.
  • Purchasing a license.
  • Deleting a license.
  • OneDrive when a user is add/deleted from service?

workflow okta Microsoft

What can we do for your Okta workflow?

  • WorkFlow Process Consulting
  • Workflow Design
  • Workflow API Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Increase in Costing Efficiency with your cloud license. The accounting department will be aligned with IT significantly.

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