End of Life (eol) Microsoft Exchange Server 2010?

In October 2020, Microsoft is ending support for Exchange Server 2010. Now is the time to upgrade to enterprise-class cloud services.

It’s time to make a move!

What does ‘End of Life’ mean?

A typical Microsoft product lifecycle lasts 10 years from the date of the product’s initial release, and the end of this lifecycle is known as the product’s end of support, in which Microsoft will no longer provide:

  • Bug fixes for stability and usability problems
  • No more Security fixes
  • No more Technical support

Read about an email migration in our ebook below in this PDF.


Ability and Certifications

What are the risk of staying on Microsoft Exchange 2010

  • Obsolete technology
  • Increased risk of security breaches and cyberattacks
  • Higher overhead costs – requires hardware and ongoing maintenance
  • Risk of downtime and productivity loss from server failure
  • Unsupported by Microsoft


Moving to Office 365 enables unparalleled productivity and savings

Much of your business’s intellectual property resides in email, and the collaboration features inherent in Office 365 are a great way to unleash your business to run at the speed of the cloud.

  • Always the latest technology, security, features, and experience
  • Reduced costs - no hardware to maintain
  • Robust collaboration and productivity capabilities accessible anytime, anywhere

Unsure about the 2010 migration process?

Many businesses delay their move to the cloud due to perceptions about the high cost of switching - specifically, the risk of business disruption.

We remove the uncertainties

Our experience and proven methodologies remove the difficulties. From the first planning conversation to handing you the keys to your new Office 365 home – and everything in between, we have you covered.

2010 Server Decommission

We will work with you step by step process to decommission a shared SMTP Exchange Server for your organization.


We create a custom plan to optimize your move to Office 365


Content is migrated to Office 365 without disruption


Your company enjoys a seamless transition to Microsoft Office 365

Data Migration Planning & Support
Service Iron Cove Responsibility Client Responsibility
Define requirements and identify data to be migrated (active/passive data) Assist - Advisory Primary
Defining data migration tasks and timelines Primary Primary
One approximately two-hour remote training on admin features Primary Assist
One approximately two-hour remote training on end-user features Primary Assist
One approximately two-hour remote training on best-fit folder structures, sharing and permissions structures in cloud service. Primary Assist
Support designing and implementing desired for the cloud service structure and permissions Primary Assist
Support confirming completion of data migration to cloud service. Primary Assist
Remote support and issue resolution while data migration project is in process Primary Assist


We will purchase your cloud service on your behalf.

  • Provision user accounts.
  • Provision of passwords.
  • Remote desktop support.
  • Begin to use new cloud service.

Project Completion

At the end of the project you will have!

  • Cloud Email Server
  • Complete Active Directory Connection to Cloud Service
  • Complete Increase Security of around Identity Managment and Logins
  • Complete Increase security around Mobile Device Management

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