Publish Date: March 15th, 2019

Business Situation

Why PowerOn decided to move from Zimbra to GSuite as their primary email system?

At Iron Cove Solutions we are always looking for ways to improve our clients business. Recently while working with a client of ours, they were using Zimbra as an email server and wanted to be 100% cloud first for all email. They liked the offering of GSuite for email as most users in their firm were comfortable with that service and didn't want to disrupt and create a tremendous amount of newness.

Customer Profile

Project 50 Plus Users


Maintain File Structure

The firm wanted to keep their existing email domain name and also maintain our existing email archive if we switch over to G Suite if at all possible. They also had a tremendous amount of alias email's within Zimbra. These groups are highly used and an exact replica was needed. When creating groups in GSuite it is not a one-for-one with Zimbra. Groups act in a different way within GSuite as Groups and Zimbra considers them shared-folders.

Company Size

There was currently 50 plus users with individual user accounts on our email server. Actual

Questions from client Having never done a migration, the client wanted as much as white carpet treatment as possible as they never have done a full migration to a new system. As a company, we use Teamwork as it has all communication and detailed request of information from time to time. It helps tremendously when a firm needs to know, where are we at with this migration?


Closing Thoughts

The migration of lasted two months. With the tremendous amount of data, it takes time to move data with such a situation.

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