Top reasons for your business to use Dropbox Cloud Storage

Top reasons for your business to use Dropbox Cloud Storage

What are the benefits of having Dropbox for your business?

The cloud storage scenario has changed a lot since Dropbox launched in 2007. The falling cost of storage, the rising speed of internet connections, and powerful mobile devices have propelled. The shortage of storage options for your needs has nearly extinct and with many of which are free. Dropbox’s original valuable feature of syncing your files effortlessly across multiple devices now comes standard on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Unfortunately, you only get a small 2 GB of space with free Dropbox accounts, which isn’t nearly close enough to do anything serious. There are a few features that might make a Dropbox subscription worth it for you in a surprising manner.

What is Dropbox Storage Backup?

Storage Backup Smart people in business know that it’s paramount to store essential files and data in separate places to ensure they always have a copy, no matter what casualties are encountered.

As of now, it is nowhere nearly enough to have files stored on your website and/or on a USB drive. You need additonal or other options of backup storage. This is where Dropbox comes in. Dropbox offers a secure place to store your important files. Even greater, it allows you to store relatively large files with absolute ease.

Can I share a file within Dropbox?

File Sharing This may be the best part about Dropbox. Dropbox sharing makes it easy to share files between you, your business colleagues and employees. As long as everyone in your staff has an account, adding and sharing content will be a beneficial.

If you want to assure that your files will only be accessed by you or by people you trust, the option to lock your folders are available by password and giving that same password to a select few.

What kind of access is available when using Dropbox?

Accessing Dropbox is extremely easy thanks to all the featured options it offers. Browse around all the access options below and be the judge to see if they are not convenient:

Desktop access—Dropbox offers a downloadable application that allows you to access all your files and folders directly from your devices such as Windows PC, Linux, or Mac, even when not having access to the internet.

Online access—If you are out of the house and using other computers, you can quickly get a copy of any of your files by going Dropbox's web page and logging into your account.

Mobile access—Sometimes, we can’t find any computers to use and get our essential data. In many cases, all you would need to do is take out your mobile device whether its an iOS, Android, and smartphones and access your files via the Dropbox app. Pretty neat, right?

How do updates and retrieving work in Dropbox?

Whether a file is added or deleted from a shared folder, Dropbox updates everyone who has access to it. This assures that you will always have the most important and latest copy of your files.


Problems always occur at times with our handling and managing of files. An example would be if there was an instance when you accidentally included an essential file in the batch of deleted documents.

If this were to happen on other cloud storages, it might be a little challenging to retreive that precious file back. Luckily with Dropbox, retrieving your file is as easy as clicking the “Undo” button.

Dropbox gives you 30 days to your accounts retain a history of files added and deleted. This means you can retrieve crucial files, even if you trashed them a week ago.

How to get more information on Dropbox for your business with Iron Cove Solutions

Using dropbox offers several other benefits to small businesses. What we discussed today are its most beneficial features. If you are not yet using it, then you might want to give it a try today. Who knows? It might just be the key to your business success! Contact us at (888) 959-2825 or Reveiw our for Dropbox Consulting for your business.

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