I can not see files or folders on my machine in dropbox with my coworker

    Why can't I see dropbox folder on my desktop?

    Users of the Dropbox system have many issues, but one core issue we see over and over is "I can not see my coworkers file or folder." If you can not see it, the 100% accurate answer is the file is NOT label correctly and contains a bad character. A bad character will not sync within the Dropbox system and will only be viewable by the creator. A bad character can be a forward slash.

    Just because the user can see it on his Dropbox location and you can not, the bad Character in the file or folder name will not swim downstream to other users. It will not sync and show up for them.

    The Fix: Rename it with the appropriate bad characters removed.

    Here is a key link list for bad characters for Dropbox which you should not use in your files and folders.

    If you don't see them on Mac vs. a Windows computer, they are both notorious for NOT showing up for each other's computer.

    For example, A folder Called Acme with a file called "acme/accounts payable" on windows and then Apple or Mac "acme/accounts .payable" you will not see either on the mac and vice-versa.

    Questions we see where the answer is above.

    I can not see dropbox files or folders where my coworker can.

    Don’t use the following characters in file or folder names:

    • / (forward slash)
    • \ (backslash)
    • <> (less than and greater than symbols)
    • : (colon)
    • " (double quote)
    • | (vertical bar or pipe)
    • ? (question mark)
      • (asterisk)
    • . (period)
    • emojis or emoticons

    Don’t add a space at the end of a file or folder name.

    For example, don’t name a file or folder eagles .png”.

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