How to manage your Signature management for Google Workspace

    Many organizations are opting to use Google Workspace for collaboration, including Gmail. As a Google Workspace Administrator, you may receive a request from your marketing department to standardize employee signatures with a pre-approved branded template. Marketing teams recognize the importance of consistent, professional email signatures that show your business in the best light in external communications. Unfortunately, Google Workspace doesn’t include a native feature to allow Admins to effectively manage employee signatures.

    This is where our friends over at HiView Solutions come in. They’ve developed a compelling tool enabling administrators to:

    • Merge Workspace employee data (Name, Phone, Location, etc) into a signature template
    • Bulk provision signatures to all employees (or select groups of employees)
    • Update signatures individually through the signature management admin portal

    HiView (a Google Cloud Premier Partner) is currently beta testing their signature management tool with their Google Workspace (G Suite) customers. To see a full demonstration, please see their recent youtube video. We encourage you to contact my recommend and trusted partner at HiView if you feel like this tool could be valuable for you.We would be glad to introduce you to them.

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