How to Keep Yourself Safe From Fraudulent Schemes

    Let's face it; everyone at one time has suffered some form of spam. If it is a pop-up window or a false ad in the corner of a webpage, we have all encountered it.

    Now many of those, while using enticing words and phrases like "You Won! Click Here!" or "Congratulations", can be pretty simple to brush away and are easy to understand. However, with the rise of fraudulent and phishing go through personal places like email, it is getting more difficult to know what is legitimate and what is just a ploy to steal your personal information.

    Here are a Few Tips on How to Avoid Phishing Schemes

    The way hackers can make emails or messages look legitimate from an actual company makes it difficult to distinguish between a real one and a fake one

    Take this fake email example:


    Notice how urgent this is. "Your password will expire in 24 hours". Hackers do this to make you act quickly before noticing some of the flaws. Many may not notice the address of where the email came from nor the fact that the message didn't even have the users' actual name attached. Always make sure you see the email address before clicking on any sort of link.

    2. Don't Share Passwords with Anyone

    You should not share passwords to your accounts with anybody over an email or even over the phone. A major company will not ask you to send password information in an email, and this type of message should be questioned.

    This is another way from someone to get a hold of your login information. Going through unreputable sites or suspicious emails to sign-on to your various accounts can lead to your information being compromised. Only use trusted search engines or the official website to login to your accounts.

    Those are all tips to help with keeping your information safe, but as time goes, these phishing schemes are becoming more and more advanced. It is getting harder to catch, not only for an individual but as a business as well. That is where we come in!

    Here at Iron Cove Solutions, we can help make sure that your business is not a victim of these types of attacks. With decades of combined online protection, we know the best way to keep your emails secured, your information in the right hands, and your business safe.

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