Cloud News Review week of 9/9/2019

    This week on Cloud News Review

    Another company has moved to the cloud and it is one of the tastiest yet. The Hershey Company, best known for making chocolate classics like Kisses, Kit Kat bars, and Reese's, has made the move to utilize A.I. and IoT for production. The company has stated that using apps like Microsoft Office 365 has made communication within the comapny easier than ever.

    Google is working on a way to limit spamming. Currently when receieving an email with a date attached to it through Gmail, it goes into your calendar. Unfortunately, this works with spam emails as well. Google is currently working on a way to filter out those spam emails to not automatically be added to your calendar. [AndroidCentral]

    With Microsoft pushing the standard version of Office out in favor of the always updated Office 365, Exchange Server 2010 will reach it's final days as well. In January of 2020, Exchange Server 2010 will no longer be supported by Microsoft. Options to move include trying to migrate your whole system to a newer version of the Exchange server or simply moving to Exchange online from Office 365.

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