Cloud News Review week of 2/18/2019

    This week on Cloud News Review

    Okta stock has reached an all-time high! This past weekend, Okta's stock has reached a record high share price of $84.76. Since this time last year, the company has increased in the stock market by 121.29%.

    An update for Google Voice, available from GSuite, now allows you to hide your caller ID for outgoing calls. While not that new of a feature for other product lines, it is a welcome addition for added security purposes.

    LG CNS has joined with Amazon Web Services to co-develop a service to help companies migrate their data over to a cloud computing platform, the IT affiliate of LG Group says. Recently, the company developed a cloud service for financial firms along with AWS to offer cloud computing services specialized for the financial sector as well. [TheKoreaTimes]

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