Kerio to Microsoft Office 365 Email Migration Case Study

Kerio to Microsoft Office 365 Email Migration Case Study

Business Situation

The client wanted to move from Kerio to Microsoft Office 365. There was approximately 250GB of total email for the 30 plus email boxes. When migrating from Kerio to Office 365; an email migration of this type is based on IMAP. IMAP takes time. It is tedious and time-consuming. It's a daily checkup to keep systems running for such an email migration.

Customer Profile

Cost and why Iron Cove Solutions

Working with Iron Cove Solutions has many advantages, such as working with migration systems. All scale email migrations run better when done with a migration service. We have been using a 3rd party service for over ten years and know the ins and versus rolling out trying to figure out how to run a tool. Just this time alone can save you money by allowing us to engage and run. After all, time is money, and people fail to realize.

The client was also taking advantage of our complete consulting practice. We were able to provide licensing for Microsoft Office 365 E3 plan for those users. With our business footprint being unique, we migrate and provide licensing — companies like this all in one scenario.

Maintain email, calendar and contacts

Because the firm wanted to have a cloud-first strategy, meaning, they didn't want any local machines running an email server. Having as much sameness to current system was important.

Support Mobile

Business workers are continually traveling, and it was essential to establish a cloud email strategy. The ability to work in a mobile environment was critical.

Ease of Use While Kerio is a fine system, lets cut the chase. It's antiquated, and you will still require the management of a person to run the application. Running in a VM world is not an ideal function for them, and they didn't want any hardware or software, let alone downtime. Microsoft Office 365 with its many redundant data centers was an ideal choice.

Closing Thoughts

The email migration project took over 30 days from start to mxchange. New email system cutover was set for a Saturday. Iron Cove Solutions accommodated the client to meet the needs for concerns which may come up from people never reading IT email about such a move. Again, communication is the key and having our Project Management system in place allows for a serious "head to pillow" mentality.

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