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Workday as a Master with Okta

Our Workday Okta Consulting Process

Why would you want Okta and Workday as HR as a Master (HRaaM) for your business?

Workers are hired, and there are different systems to which onboarding happens for a new employee. Your business may have different architectures, including both cloud and on-premise cloud and application systems.

It could be Workday, and HR wants to be in charge of on and offboarding of new hires. However, your firm has Workday and directories like Active Directory or LDAP, where a typical onboarding process starts.

What HRaaM means is Okta can process the following:

  1. As New Hires are Onboarded into an HR System, Okta Can…
  2. As employees receive new roles, change offices, and other job changes, Okta Can.
  3. And lastly, as employees leave the company and begin the offboarding process, Okta can.

Workday Consulting Review

We begin our process with the Onboarding implementation questionnaire.

Here are examples of some questions:
  • How many Active directory domains that will be integrated with Okta?
  • How many total users in AD?
  • What are your existing New-Hire processes?
  • When is the “Email” generated for the new hire?

We then speak about the benefits of Workday as HRaaM with Okta.

Workday is your cloud application for Unified and synchronized view of all identities across HR, AD, and other identity stores.

A Superior end-user experience is providing them with the ability to self-service their user profile in the HR system as well as self-service of their password.

Having the ability to Automation of user lifecycle across HR system, AD, as well as downstream cloud-based SaaS apps (Create Read Update Delete)

Superior compliance and this is extended with IT compliance.

Significant and real cost savings by eliminating human errors, manual labor time, and revoking access from SaaS apps and reclaiming seats/licenses (wherever possible).


Why Okta as your Authentication provider for Workday.

Okta can help organizations with the automation of the following:

  • SSO (SAML): Admin Users (usual people from HR) can SSO into the app to manage employees.
  • Provisioning: Okta can provision Admin Users to the HR system.
  • Mastering: Okta imports users, lock user record from manual updates, and act as a "slave" for the HR system. HR System is the source of truth for the user data.

Use Case for Using Okta and Workday

  • User Hire
  • User Profile Updates
  • User Name Change
  • User Termination [Voluntary & Involuntary]
  • User Rehire
  • User Conversion [Contractor to Employee]
  • User Rescind
  • Link Existing users (with existing AD account)

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