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Exchange Email Migration Consulting Process


  • How many users?
  • Have you ever moved to a cloud service?
  • Was it successful?
  • If it was not successful, what happened?


Email Migration

  • How many mailboxes?
  • What is the total size of the data?
  • How fast is your internet pipe?

Read about an email migration in our ebook below in this PDF.



A mobile sees our world in ways unknown to us. It's a data center of human activity. Our mobile team is trained in handling these data if and when required. We help you capture more data than just touching thereby helping you take data-driven decisions to boost your app preference.



ServiceIron Cove ResponsibilityClient Responsibility
Define requirements and identify data to be migrated (active/passive data)Assist - AdvisoryPrimary
Defining data migration tasks and timelinesPrimaryPrimary
One approximately two-hour remote training on admin featuresPrimaryAssist
One approximately two-hour remote training on end-user featuresPrimaryAssist
One approximately two-hour remote training on best-fit folder structures, sharing and permissions structures in cloud service.PrimaryAssist
Support designing and implementing desired for the cloud service structure and permissionsPrimaryAssist
Support confirming completion of data migration to cloud service.PrimaryAssist
Remote support and issue resolution while data migration project is in processPrimaryAssist

Set Up Desktops and Device

Integrating your mobile app to some existing system, in some cases, can give your business more value.


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Faster cloud adoption is better when utilization is 100%. While deploying web services for the cloud, we give a lot of emphasis on reducing response time to enable a smooth voyage for users to cloud services. We understand that just deploying on the cloud is not enough; we need to implement it in the right manner to give a better experience to your users.


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