Microsoft Kiosk Pricing:

Monthly price: $2.40 per user Annual price: $12.00 per user (billed annually)

Terms: Can be billed monthly or annually.

Savings by choosing an annual plan:

Choose the annual plan and save $136 per user per year! That's a 20% discount compared to the monthly cost.

Microsoft Kiosk

Microsoft 365 Kiosk is designed for frontline workers, such as retail employees, shift workers, and manufacturing personnel, who may not have dedicated computers but need access to certain productivity tools and company resources. Features of Microsoft 365 Kiosk typically include:

Microsoft Kiosk Features

Email and Calendar AccessUsers typically have access to Outlook for web-based email and calendar management.
Office Web AppsAccess to web-based versions of Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for basic document creation and editing.
Microsoft TeamsLimited access to Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration with colleagues.
SharePoint and OneDriveLimited access to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for storing and sharing documents and files.
Microsoft FormsBasic access to Microsoft Forms for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls.
Power AutomateBasic access to Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) for workflow automation.
Power BILimited access to Power BI for viewing and interacting with basic reports and dashboards.
Device ManagementBasic device management capabilities through Microsoft Endpoint Manager for managing devices used by frontline workers.
Custom Apps and IntegrationsAbility to integrate with custom apps and solutions developed by the organization to support specific business processes.
Security and ComplianceBasic security and compliance features to help protect user data and ensure regulatory compliance.

It's important to note that Microsoft 365 plans and their features may evolve over time, and new features may be added.


Q: Is it possible to terminate my subscription at any point?

A. Cancellation policies for paid subscriptions can differ depending on factors such as your customer status, the specific product, and your chosen domain selections on Microsoft. You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time through the Microsoft 365 admin center. Please note that certain subscriptions may be subject to a cancellation fee.

Q: What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?

A; You retain ownership of your data. In the event of canceling your Office 365 subscription, you have the option to download your data, including email and documents on team sites, and store it in an alternative location. It is advisable to save your data before initiating the cancellation process. Following the cancellation, data linked to your Microsoft 365 account will remain accessible to your administrator(s) in a restricted account for 90 days.

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