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Why NetSkope?

  • 7% of all users intentionally uploaded sensitive data to personal instances of cloud applications.
  • Malware Delivery Cloud (vs Web) Malware Delivery increased to 63%.
  • A complete migration package all for one single fixed price.

NetSkope is a trusted name and an industry leader in reliable cloud CASB infrastructure.

NetSkope PDF Infograph Dashboard for CISO


Key NetSkope Features For Your Business?

What is NetSkope?

The time has come for a change in your organization. It would be best if you reimagined your perimeter. The Netskope security cloud provides unrivaled visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device.

Can Netskope put a wrapper and protect my outbound Email?

Yes, for Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail!

Netskope supports outbound email DLP protecting Microsoft O365 / Exchange Online and Google Gmail environments, providing the ability to scan email, attachments, body text, subject lines, and headers in real time with the same consistent DLP engine and rules available across SaaS, IaaS, and web. Data protection for both browser and native email clients is supported. Overall, Email DLP is an extension of our data protection portfolio.

What is a threat to my business which Netskope is protecting?

More people, devices, applications, and data are now outside of the enterprise network perimeter than inside it. There are many blind spots, including TLS encrypted web traffic, remote users, and cloud services. Many threats are shifting from malware files to using macros, scripts, screen scraping, etc.

Before Netskope

  1. Cloud-service enabled threats, such as cloud phishing and hiding in cloud storage
  2. Rogue and personal instances of cloud services delivering threats past legacy defenses
  3. Lack of metadata to investigate advanced threats leveraging cloud services.

What are my negative consequences if I don't use Netskope for my environment?

  1. Unknown threats, reconnaissance of information, data exfiltration and extraction, and resource abuse.
  2. Data breaches and exposure resulting in regulatory fines, expenses, and brand damage.
  3. Reconnaissance and insightful advantages to competitors and nation-states.
  4. Operational and capital expenses on ineffective legacy appliance-based defenses.
  5. Low efficacy and slow resolution, plus no ability to investigate cloud-enabled threats.

What happens after I put Netskope in my business?

  • Visibility and control for TLS encrypted with cloud-scale for cloud services and web traffic
  • Prevention of known threats and detection of advanced threats in web and cloud traffic
  • Ability to decode cloud services for content: user, app, activity, and instance awareness
  • Prevent rogue and personal instances from delivering cloud phishing and cloud threats
  • Collect rich metadata for web and cloud traffic for investigations and hunting

Secure Office 365 with NetSkope

  • Granular visibility and control of cloud usage, including instance awareness
  • Understand and prevent risky activities
  • Protect against sensitive data loss
  • Protect against malware and advanced threats
  • Secure all access methods: browser, sync client, mobile, unmanaged devices
  • Safely enable Office 365 suite of apps such as Outlook, Teams, and more.

What does Netskope dashboard look like?

netskope dashboard

NetSkope is CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker).

As a Cloud access security broker or CASB, NetSkope is a cloud-hosted service that acts as an intermediary between users and cloud application service providers. The ability of a NetSkope to address gaps in security extends across software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) environments.

NetSkope Solves A Lot Of Problems.

What can Netskope solve for my business and remote workers?

How can I secure my remote workers?

The Problem(s):

  • Remote workers are connecting directly to the Internet, bypassing perimeter-based corporate security controls.
  • Remote-access VPNs are used to force access through corporate data centers and security controls
  • Remote workers have full network-level access when connecting via remote VPNs
  • Multiple endpoint clients are deployed on remote workers' devices in an attempt to deliver security.
  • Disparate cloud applications are used to try and manage remote workers' access to web, cloud, and private apps
The Answer(s)
  • Full visibility and control of data egressing to the Internet and protection against Internet-based threats
  • Direct connectivity to private apps, websites, and cloud apps through a cloud-based security platform
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) gives employees direct access to selected applications, not the network
  • Unified client deployed to remote devices for ZTNA, web security, and cloud application control
  • Single console for securing remote workers' use of web and cloud and managing access to private apps
Busines Positive Outcomes
  1. Protect against leakage of sensitive data, reduce the risk of endpoint compromise by cybercriminals.
  2. Eliminate capital expenses on VPN appliances, simplify architecture, and improve user experience.
  3. Avoid brand damage, fines, and remediation costs associated with application breaches.
  4. Simplify deployment and maintenance of security software on remote workers' devices.
  5. Increase efficiency of SecOps by unifying security policies for web, cloud, and private application access.


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NetSkope FAQ

Can we connect Okta to NetSkope?

Okta is a 100% on-demand, turnkey solution that automates user management and SSO with cloud and web applications. Okta Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office 365 offers a complete and easy-to-use AD integration with Office 365. It’s a seamless authentication experience for Office 365 users. Office 365 provisioning and deprovisioning are based on AD users and security groups without the heavy baggage of ADFS and DirSync.

We already have API-enabled support for Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail. What is different with this new product?

Netskope Email DLP provides inline, real time policy enforcement for outbound Microsoft and Google email. This complements the out-of-band, data-at-rest protections provided by our API-enabled controls in our CASB solution.

What actions does Email DLP support?

Netskope Email DLP supports two actions: 1) alerts; and 2) adding email headers. Alerts Alerts via email notifications are supported to end-users and to Admins. (e.g. coaching messages) Enforcement Adding email headers is provided for policy enforcement to block, quarantine, etc.

NOTE: that ‘block’ is handled by the upstream MTA - or email provider, if in loopback mode.

For example, following are some of the actions supported by O365 Exchange

  • quarantine
  • block ( reject/delete )
  • add another recipient
  • add a disclaimer
  • add headers
  • apply message classification
  • encryption and rights protection
  • notify recipient with message (equivalent to Netskope user alert )
  • generate incident report and send to ( equivalent to Netskope alert )

Does Email DLP support OCR?

Yes, when emails contain images, Netskope is now able to scan and extract text from the images and apply DLP in real time. Inline OCR only applies to email DLP and not other functions.

What NetSkope expierence do we have?

We are a new NetSkope consulting provider. Yes, thought you would never hear that from a consultant. But in short, our knowledge and professional expertise in Cyber Security lends itself greatly to the NetSkope Cloud Service.

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