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Combine Office 365 and ProofPoint Email protection. Yes, you can do this!

Wait a second! Doesn't Office 365 come with Exchange Online Protection (EOP)? Yes, it does. EOP is very good, but far from perfect. Adding Proofpoint on top of EOP is a cost-effective way to build an extra layer of advanced email filtering that will help you become even more secure and save your employees time. Your email still flows through Exchange Online, it simply flows through Proofpoint first (both inbound and outbound messaging) helping to get rid of the time-wasting spam and harmful phishing attacks that plague the Internet.

Proofpoint provides complete protection for Office 365 Deployments.

  • Advanced threat protection with URL Defense Service and Attachment Defense Service.
  • Around-the-clock availability of mission critical email with Enterprise Continuity.
  • Complete control and visibility into message flow.
  • Access to email during migration cutover from on-premises Exchange server.

A Secure & Robust Combination

Advanced Threat Protection

Proofpoint Enterprise ProtectionTM and Proofpoint Targeted Attack ProtectionTM complement Microsoft® Office 365TM email security measures by protecting high value data from targeted spear-phishing attacks and zero-day malware.

Global Compliance:

Proofpoint Enterprise PrivacyTM provides global regulatory compliance functionality that automatically and accurately identifies a wide range of sensitive data including credit card numbers, government IDs and health care records.

Comprehensive eDiscovery:

Proofpoint Enterprise ArchiveTM enhances legal email search and discovery with legal hold capabilities and retention policies. Proofpoint eDiscovery can also cover social network content and non-Microsoft document types.

Secure Layer For Email

Proofpoint email filtering provides an additional layer of advanced threat protection and compliance functionality for enterprises running Office 365. Proofpoint helps to stop phishing attacks and helps you better comply with global email security regulations. Proofpoint allows organizations of all sizes to take full advantage of the benefits of Office 365 without sacrificing security or compliance across three crucial areas of exposure:

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Email Filtering For Exchange Online

Email Protection For Office 365

If your organization is like most, migrating to Microsoft Office 365 is on your 12- or 24-month roadmap. Outside of questions around core functionality, the most common Office 365 questions are around data protection and service availability, including topics such as access and control, data-at-rest encryption, disaster recovery and compliance readiness.

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