Why do we recommend Dropbox?

We have found employee use of Dropbox has proliferated in businesses across the globe to conduct business. It’s just not small business owners; it’s mid-market and enterprises that can now control and share files, folders, and information more efficiently. This expansion has led organizations to take control and grab hold of their most prized possession: data and the time these files took to be created. Yes, time is money!

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Benefits of Dropbox

How can I buy Dropbox?

  1. Please fill out the contact us form below.
  2. Once we have an email confirmation, we will correspond with you over the phone to discuss your expected Dropbox environment.
  3. We will then send set up instructions for your tenant.

Why should my business use Dropbox?

We have found that many firms want control of documents. Firms also want to have back up of that data. Dropbox will help your firm become the single source of authority for files and when a person leaves and joins your business. The backup of Dropbox will allow you to recover more quickly in any event of a disaster.

What are the key benefits of Dropbox?

  1. Control who can get access.
  2. Secure the access.
  3. Increse business collaboration.
What are the challenges with migrating to Dropbox?

What can ICS do for me that I can't do alone?

We have worked closely with Dropbox to become a certified service partner. This certification process has enabled us to assist through the entire process: evaluation, deployment, training, and maintenance.

We offer a whole suite of solutions that support Dropbox, granting you one centralized place for all your technology needs. There is no need for you to work with multiple vendors. We will secure the most competitive pricing for your team and have the flexibility to customize billing.

What security controls can we turn on?

As a Dropbox Services partner and cloud consultant, we will ensure that Dropbox is configured, deployed and managed securely for your organization. Every industry and organization has its own requirements when it comes to compliance and protecting employee and customer data. With administrative controls, open APIs and third-party security apps for Data Loss Prevention, Identity Management, Enterprise Mobility Management and more, we can configure your Dropbox to meet your needs.

Dropbox Integration Options

Microsoft Office 365 and GSuite

Using Office 365 or G Suite? Dropbox integrates well with business productivity software. Our Business Transformation Consultants set up workflows for employees to make Dropbox work the way you do

Identity Management

Manage Dropbox through your identity management provider. We provide Okta implementation services, and Okta remains our recommended solution for provisioning users for Dropbox for Business.

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