Dropbox Pricing

Standard Advanced Enterprise
Price Monthly $18 $30 Call of Quote
Price Annual $180 $288 Call for Quote
Savings over Monthly $36 $72
Minimum Number of Users 5 5
Data 5 TB (5,000 GB) shared by the team Starts at 15 TB (15,000 GB) shared by the team Contact Us
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) No Yes Yes
Reporting Very Limited Extensive Yes
SSO No Yes Yes
Audit Logs No Yes Yes
Device approvals No Yes Yes
esignature 3 per month Unlimited signing and 3 signature requests per month Unlimited signing and 3 signature requests per month
Automatically back up computers—and connected external drives—directly to the cloud Automatically back up computers—and connected external drives—directly to the cloud

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Dropbox Acceptable Use Policy AUP Policy

Dropbox Privacy Policy

Why do we recommend Dropbox?

We have found employee use of Dropbox has proliferated in businesses across the globe to conduct business. It’s just not small business owners; it’s mid-market and enterprises that can now control and share files, folders, and information more efficiently. This expansion has led organizations to take control and grab hold of their most prized possession: data and the time these files took to be created. Yes, time is money!

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Dropbox Smart Sync Tips


Dropbox Team Selective Synchronization Tips


Benefits Of Dropbox

How can I buy Dropbox?

  1. Please fill out the contact us form below.
  2. Once we have an email confirmation, we will correspond with you over the phone to discuss your expected Dropbox environment.
  3. We will then send set up instructions for your tenant.

Why should my business use Dropbox?

We have found that many firms want control of documents. Firms also want to have back up of that data. Dropbox will help your firm become the single source of authority for files and when a person leaves and joins your business. The backup of Dropbox will allow you to recover more quickly in any event of a disaster.

What are the key benefits of Dropbox?

  1. Control who can get access.
  2. Secure the access.
  3. Increase business collaboration.
  4. Data Governence and Legal Holds for particualr folders. Only Team Folders can fall under "Legal Holds". Personal folders can not be "Legal Hold".

How can I use dropbox?

Create collaboration. Create seamless work expierence and work anywhere.

What Are The Challenges With Migrating To Dropbox?

What can ICS do for me that I can't do alone?

We have worked closely with Dropbox to become a certified service partner. This certification process has enabled us to assist through the entire process: evaluation, deployment, training, and maintenance.

We offer a whole suite of solutions that support Dropbox, granting you one centralized place for all your technology needs. There is no need for you to work with multiple vendors. We will secure the most competitive pricing for your team and have the flexibility to customize billing.

I can not find a good report for my firm, can you help run an Dropbox API?

Yes we can help run API's into your Dropbox instance. We can run all any of the API's listed and out-of-the-box from the Dropbox API Developer website.

What security controls can we turn on?

As a Dropbox Services partner and cloud consultant, we will ensure that Dropbox is configured, deployed and managed securely for your organization. Every industry and organization has its requirements when it comes to compliance and protecting employee and customer data. With administrative controls, open APIs and third-party security apps for Data Loss Prevention, Identity Management, Enterprise Mobility Management and more, we can configure your Dropbox to meet your needs.

Area of consulting we can help.

File Naming Convention

We come across files being named with **ABCcompany.doc where they used the ** because they want it at the top of their file system to find. We also see nested folders. We had one client that had nine nested folders of the same name. For example, Acme>Acme Accounting>Acme Accounts Payable>Acme 2017>Acme January. They used the same word for all the nested folders when they were in the Acme Folder. There is no need for this to happen in a firm. If you have this problem, I recommend you start to tackle immediately.

Preferred file naming convention we use.


Always use date first with the full name of the file. Search engines both locally and cloud can find all the words when they are together and not separated; and for those that need space, make sure you use a minus sign. So the file would be like 07-10-2018-file-name.

More restricted content in your folder structure should live in a higher-level folder.

Upon new folder creation, a good rule of thumb is to invite other collaborators and external users further down the folder structure. Because of Dropbox waterfall permissions, users' access only flows down to subfolders. Thus, your sensitive, most confidential content should be in a folder towards the top of your structure that will remain more private.

Ensure naming conventions of folders and files are extremely clear.

Users will be invited in at different folder levels, and that level will appear as their "root folder." Clear, consistent naming conventions will help the user stay oriented in the folder structure and will help with searching for content. For example, being invited to a folder titled "Sales - Corporate Team" is more explanative than the title "Corporate"


Dropbox Integration Options

Microsoft Office 365 and GSuite

Using Office 365 or G Suite? Dropbox integrates well with business productivity software. Our Business Transformation Consultants set up workflows for employees to make Dropbox work the way you do

What are the new dropbox products?

Product Name Value Prop Key Benefits
Dropbox Sign Electronically request and add legally valid signatures to any document and track the status of signatures as needed. Unlimited legally binding eSignatures, robust security, audit trails, tamper-proof documents, templates, integrations.
Dropbox Sign API An API by developers, for developers that collects eSignatures securely with fast, reliable implementation. Embedded requesting and signing, robust security & audit trails, customizable templates, custom branding.
Dropbox Forms Makes paperwork painless with adaptive mobile-friendly forms that quickly collect complex information, no coding necessary. Made for mobile devices, templates, robust security & audit trails, conditional workflows.
Dropbox Fax Enables sending a fax from a computer or mobile device, with all transmissions securely encrypted. Robust security, paperless, access from anywhere.

Identity Management

Manage Dropbox through your identity management provider. We provide Okta implementation services, and Okta remains our recommended solution for provisioning users for Dropbox for Business.

Why should I use HelloSign by Dropbox?

Paperwork is costly infrastructure cost. $350 billion inefficient insurance & billing processing $19,000 per employee per year in productivity loss 9.4 billion hours spent on paperwork that could be automated $1.5 billion wasted due to clerical and manual error

Vertical Use Case
HR / on-boarding Employee onboarding, W-2/i-9, authorizations, offer letters, NDAs
Real estate Lease agreements or HOA resolutions
Purchase / sales Sales contracts, RFPs, procurement agreements
Loan insurance / tax Tax, insurance, or financial documents such as loan agreements or credit applications
Education Student contracts, tuition assistance, fundraising, campus events, scholarships, faculty agreements, parental approval forms

Dropbox HelloSign Plans

Standard Premium
The number of individuals in your company that will be sending out documents for signature Users 2 user minimum 5 user minimum
Perfect for documents that you send out often, Templates save the prepared fields making future sends quick and easy Templates 15 unlimited
HelloSign customers can send an unlimited number of signature requests per month, so send away Signature Requests UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Key Features
Provides proof of document access, review, and signature Audit Trail
Audit Trail X X
Validated in fields based on criteria that you determine Data Validation X X
Use HelloSign is 22 different languages Multiple languages X X
Get email notifications and set up email reminders Reminders / Notifications X X
Prepare documents for signature fast with multiple fields Signer fields X X
Convert your template to a URL to share with signers Template links X X
Add your company logo and custom messaging Branding X X
Requests signatures from to a large list with a single click Bulk Send X X

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