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What do we do?


Analyze the current production environment and determine what are the 'gotchas' or concerns we may face as we implement your cloud service.


Determine a plan to ensure production and operations are not affected by the changes you seek to make. Each solution is developed to fit your network.


We only test with real data. This ensures the cloud service is implemented correctly and isolated in its own environment on your network.


After the solution passes our quality check, we will help you roll-out this new cloud service to all workers.

Training and development

We can provide administrative training and documentation.

Cloud Support

We have web-based, phone and email support. We can also provide support for administrators and end users.

Review our case studies and projects about the expertise we bring to the table.

  • Why we do what we do. Watch our video.
  • Data Migration Planning & Support
    Iron Cove
    Define requirements and identify data to be migrated (active/passive data)
    Assist - Advisory
    Defining data migration tasks and timelines
    One approximately two-hour remote training on admin features
    One approximately two-hour remote training on end-user features
    One approximately two-hour remote training on best-fit folder structures, sharing and permissions structures in cloud service.
    Support designing and implementing desired for the cloud service structure and permissions
    Support confirming completion of data migration to cloud service.
    Remote support and issue resolution while data migration project is in process

    Iron Cove will determin a data migration tool (if needed), performing the actual data migration and ensuring that all data is accounted for. Customer will be responsible for any additional costs associated with procuring.

  • Lisencing

    We will purchase your cloud service on your behalf.

    • Provision user accounts.
    • Provision passwords.
    • Remote desktop support.
    • Begin to use new cloud service.
  • We are almost there!

  • Comprehensive go live check list!
    # First Name Last Name Product
    1 Todd McKinnon Okta
    2 Babe Ruth E1
    3 Bill Gates E1
  • Project Completion

    At the end of the project you will have!

    Cloud Email Server
    100% 70% Complete
    Active Directory Connected to Cloud Service
    100% 70% Complete
    Increase Security of around Identity Managment and Logins
    100% 70% Complete
    Increase security around Mobile Device Management
    100% 70% Complete

We will work with you step by step process to decommission a shared SMTP Exchange Server for your organization. Learn More

You will learn from our deployment. During the deployment we are working with you to create, manuver and deploy all kinds of activity within your cloud service.

As the administrator you will begin to feel very comfortable with the knowledge you are recieving and insights we will provide.

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