Job Description

Are you a developer with 1-2 years of experience? Have you completed a full JAVA deployment?

Are you interested in Okta, SSO and Auth0? This a chance to lead and drive company development direction to what we believe is a wave of security enhancements; the combination of development and securing business applications. This position is a self-starter position. The satisfaction of this role is the deployment of your development work; where a significant business goes live with your vital contributions. You will be thrown into the fire; these are real-world engagements. Clients look to us to deliver. We deliver and we will continue to produce. If you have the drive, desire to improve, and change career direction from a stale environment this position could be the one. Do you work in an area where you have no impact? Do you work in a situation where you can't get decisions made?

If you feel you have the chops, yes we said "chops" to become a team player. A team contributor. Job satisfaction is slow. Job satisfaction in this role is a complete deployment. Job Satisfaction is personal. Job fulfillment comes with patience. It's about owning your process and discovery. To become a real developer, it takes time. It takes repeatable work. When we say reproducible, we mean years of repeatable work.


Every job board says you must be a self-starter. In this role, you are the starter. What you do is how you will make your job better. What you do is how you will want to live. Entrepreneur spirit is a must.

When working here, come with solutions, not problems. Come with "we have this problem, and here is how we can fix it."

Now, our exact requirements are the following. You have to have excellent time management skills. If you like to work wired with headset and music, this is your role. If you want to build things, this is a requirement. You must first listen and understand. If you can't seek to hear and understand, you are not the right person for this role. If you want to become an expert, provide honest advice, and seek to understand clients challenges, this is your role. The position requires a high degree understanding complex situations. You must be able to distill this complicated situation to the CEO, and others in a manner in which people leave a meeting and phone call with the feeling like the apple store. Wow, they know their product, procedure and us (the client).

True Requirements

  • Flexible, we have east coast clients and west coast. You will be required to attend early morning phone calls when they come up.
  • Flexible, we get requested for work that is not ideal and in your box. This will enable you to expand your knowledge
  • JAVA and Java Spring
  • Okta
  • Auth0
  • React
  • Oauth; we know its new but come with wanting to be the best learner and work of this philosophy.
  • Come with questions to engagements. The first question you ask is your most important question.
  • Self Learner and Tinker

Job Location

Los Angeles CA and can work remotely. Must be USA based.

Hours Of Work

Full-time, 40 hours per week

Talk to us

Phone & Hours

(888) 959-2825
Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm


8117 W. Manchester Ave
Suite 915
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293