What is a Headless CMS by contentful and how fast a website

    There is a term that the online world has been throwing around called CMS.

    CMS, Standing for "Content Management System", is the creation and modification of digital content usually supported by muliple users.

    There are various different types of CMS, the most common being Web Content Management (WCM).

    WCM is used to create any digital content that you want from the ground up, including:

    1. Websites
    2. Graphics
    3. Photos
    4. Audio
    5. Video Which then can be displayed for a user to interact with.

    While a WCM can be quite beneficial for the set-up of any digital content, I'll bring up another type of Content Managment System called "Headless CMS"

    While "Headless" may sound a bit strange, all this does is change the way a person "views" the content they have created. A user can create the content that they want with their database then have it go through a certain Application Programming Interface (API) to which can decide the different ways their content is to be displayed.

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    With a Headless CMS, the created database goes through a RESTful API to let the content be viewed on muliple devices like

    1. Mobile Phones
    2. Smart Watches
    3. Electronic Billboards etc. Not just computer displayed websites.

    Contentful is an example for developers and content creators to work on a Headless CSM to give their content not just minimalistic displays.


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