Just finished the Okta Essentials Training Class. Here's my feedback.

How long does the Okta Traning take?

The Okta training class is three days. They offer a ton of times so pick one which fits your schedule. I chose 8 am - 4 pm. Every minute is used to get prepared to work and use your brain. You get an hour lunch break and three 15 minute breaks each day. The class is run like a boot camp, which is what is needed when doing web-based training. It starts on time for each part so make sure you are there when it starts, or you'll fall behind fast.

What preparation do I need for Okta Training?

I made the mistake of just clicking the sign-in link at the very moment the class started. Not good. I found that my sound wasn't working while everyone else's sound was working fine. There were 15 students in my class. I spent 30 minutes trying to get this to work, and it was very frustrating. To solve the problem I switched to a different computer. I recommend you sign in an hour early on the first day and use their links to test your computer mic, speakers, RAM speed and internet speed. Make sure it all is working correctly. Another mistake I made was updating my Mac OS to Mojave the day before the class. This caused lots of problems. Huge Lesson Learned: Don't upgrade your OS before the class as I did. Here's another tip: after installing their online video app, give your computer a fresh reboot. It's better to be safe than sorry. Each day you will receive an email to join the online session. I didn't bookmark the link (you should), and the email was handy to have as a resource.

Here are two links I think will be very handy for the class. One will help you get used to the acronyms and terms. And this blog will get you up to date on all the acronyms you need to know.

Who are the other students?

In my class, they were from all over the world. We spoke English in the class. Some poor chaps from New Zealand had to get up at 4 am each day for the course.

How is our Okta instructor?

Our Okta instructor was a rock star. I never felt out of place or didn't know what I was doing. In class the instructor used green checks for the students to submit if they understood and a red 'x' if they did not. You also could send questions directly to the instructor (instead of the entire class) which was nice because some of my questions were a bit simple and I wanted to shield my ignorance from the rest of the class but you could also share your answer with the rest of the class and this was great when I knew the answer and needed a nice confidence boost when the teacher applauded my answer.

The instructor answered questions all the time, but he was a master of keeping pace. He always responded to problems even if it wasn't at the exact moment you asked it. Sometimes it was a break. Sometimes it was the following day, but all questions were answered. So don't worry. The instructor will answer your questions.

Some students had technical issues, and the instructor worked with them to solve the problem while not wasting everyone else's time. If the instructor thought it was a teachable moment he would share his screen and resolve the issue with everyone watching.

What is Class Procedure like?

Our instructor started with a brief lecture in every phase. This lecture is followed by the instructor sharing his screen for a quick demo. Then the instructor asks the class to do the lab themselves. This lab is rinse and repeat for the three days culminating in a two-hour practicum involving everything we learned.

Is the Practicum hard?

The instructor gives tips on which lesson will help with each part of the practicum. I went slow, and it took me 2 1/2 hours but I enjoyed the challenge, and I felt I was learning as I was struggling through it.

What Class Material is provided?

You get a student guide PDF A lab PDF of the step-by-step instructions on using Okta as an administrator The first day we were given a Virtual Host There was an excel spreadsheet provided that had all our Okta individual instances, usernames, and passwords. Our VM access (we only had access to it for a day before they shut it down) All the provided documents were password protected so make sure you write it down in a safe place. Many students forgot this, and he had to provide it a few times. We also were granted access to a Salesforce sandbox. The VM was great to get some experience from importing users from AD. Salesforce was a great way to gain experience working with importing users into Oka and pushing Okta users into Salesforce.

Rumors vs. Truth

I was under the impression that Okta gave the certification right after the class. Not true. I also heard a rumor that you automatically get certified by taking the course. Not true. I even read in a chat room that they give you all the answers to the certification in the class. Not true. What is true is the instructor talks briefly about the certification. He provided public links to where certification test exam and documentation resides. He talks about how you can take the exam online, but you need a computer with a webcam because someone will watch you as you take the exam.

Is it worth it?

Yes! I enjoyed the experience. I learned a ton, and Okta provided a professional instructor who pushed us each day to understand the essentials of being an Okta Administrator.

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