Cloud News Review week of 8/5/2019

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This week on Cloud News Review

The ban on Office 365 in German schools has been least for now. A series of talks between Microsoft and the Hessian Data Protection Commissioner resulted in a temporary lift of the ban until a more permanent solution can be worked out. [ITPro]

Announced in Tokyo, G Suite Enterprise businesses can now pick to get their "high-risk" employees an advanced package. This package works with high-risk employees, individuals that are a security risk for certain online attacks like phishing or accounting stealing. If detected, any malicious software would require two-way authentication for access to any of these individuals information. [NewsLair]

Microsoft is making OneDrive more secure with the addition of the new Personal Vault. Available for Android and iOS, Personal Vault is a file protection service that can only be accessed by the owner and requires multi-level authentication in order to unlock it. Ways to access the Vault include: fingerprint, face, PIN, or code sent to email or SMS.

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