Cloud News Review week of 8/3/2020

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Cloud News Review week of 8/3/2020

This week on Cloud News Review

Microsoft's virtual assitant app Cortana will be shutting down in early 2021 the company says. However, that doesn't meant the virual assistant is completely gone though. Microsoft is instead switching focus more for Cortana to be used as an Office 365 assistant to help with enterprise needs. []

Looking at a bright white screen can be straining for your eyes, that's why "dark modes" have become quite popular for many popular sites and apps to give your eyes a break. GSuite is one of the newest additions to add a dark mode to Docs, Sheets, and Slides on their Android apps. Not only helping eye strain, dark mode helps improve battery life, and many say the black backgrounds and white text give the app a "slick" look.

Microsoft is considering rebranding their search engine "Bing" with a new name and logo. The company wants to consider renaming it to "Microsoft Bing" to align with their trend of putting the Microsoft brand on their products. This move is an attempt to improve its presence that is largely dominated by Google. [Checkersaga]

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