Cloud News Review week of 8/13/2018

    This week on Cloud News Review

    It's back to school and Penn State students noticed a change in their inboxs. Turns out the campus has switched from webmail to Microsoft Outlook starting this semester. According to Penn State's Daily Collegian, students are prompted from their webmail to switch to Office 365 this semester since the old servers will be shutting off.

    Google's G Suite has added updates recently to enhance enterprises use of the product. With new businesses being added to Google's line, the company decided to announce a revamp. The announcement included such features as: Gmail with new security warnings, snooze and offline access, cloud search, Google Voice and Drive Enterprise Sku.

    A new study shows that the local and state government officials foresee identity and access management tools addressing multiple IT problems, but only a third have the tools in place. The study, produced by State Scoop, says that "Only 28 percent of state government IT officials in the survey — and 15 percent at the local level — indicated that IAM solutions are fully or partially operational in their organization."

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