Cloud News Review week of 7/8/2019

This week on Cloud News Review

Microsoft has announced that they will keep Office 365 ProPlus support on Windows Sever 2019. This news comes as a surprise since the company had said that it would be bumping Office ProPlus from its servers this year. This is good news for people that still have old versions of the server that can't migrate just yet. [ChannelFutures]

In other Microsoft news, the company has spruced its email server to catch up with the competition like Google's G Suite. The new features in the application include a dark mode, snoozing and a new UI. These new modes can help with low light and power saving work.

G Suite is now helping businesses control documents! A new G Suite Beta is here and one of the features helps with businesses controling, requesting, and tracking documents throughout the company. Users can now request approvals from documents from their colleagues for whatever the reason.

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