Cloud News Review week of 7/23/2018

    This week on Cloud News Review

    Cloud identity management company, Okta announced this week that they had aquired a startup called ScaleFT to bring the Zero Trust concept to the Okta platform. Zero Trust is a security measure that is exactly what it says, don't trust anyone, so in order for someone to access company resources, they must first go through a set of security measures. Okta believes this will continue to increase their presence in the identity management field.

    For the first time in the company's history, Microsoft has reached $100 billion in revenue. ZDNet report states that the biggest contributor to the milestone in income generation was Microsoft's cloud services, which include Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365. Around $10 billion was from gaming from their Xbox line and another $5 billion was from professional network site Linkedin.

    Social media giant, Facebook is considering moving from Microsoft services to Google ones amid frustration from employees. According to The Information, Facebook employees have a long harbored animosity towards Microsoft services. They are wanting to make the switch to Google's productivity apps like Docs and Drive. They also want to try to move their whole cloud operations, which was started just two years ago, to G Suite.

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