Cloud News Review week of 7/2/2018

    Cloud News Review week of 7/2/2018

    This week on Cloud News Review

    Microsoft earlier in the year announced that they would be adding AI to its spreadsheets program Excel. While still in its beta form, Microsoft has noted that this new artificial intelligence “recognizes, in context, what is meant by your text and converts that to the right type of data.”

    Dropbox's stock just had its best day ever. The company that went public over three months ago just had a massive day with shares up 14%, making it the best single-day gain in history. According to Buker Business Daily, "Earlier this week, the company announced updates on its shingled magnetic recording (SMR) storage technology." We had a link, but now not working.

    According to the NST, cloud-based solutions can improve enterprise security. Malaysia has just unvieled its first cloud migration available for public and private organisations to give the online option like their Asia Pacific peers. Although hesitant, they believe using the cloud comes with lower operational costs and improved flexibility.

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