Cloud News Review week of 7/1/2019

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This week on Cloud News Review

Office 365 users are getting a boost in storage space! Microsoft has announced that subscribers of Office 365 will be getting a 2TB storage option for OneDrive. This new space increase has been highly requested for a while since other cloud storage companies like Dropbox have been offering over 1TB storage options for quite some time now. [OnMSFT]

In other Office 365 news, throughout the month of June, Microsoft had announced 3 new updates for 365 users centered all around data protection and access management. These include:

  1. Cloud App Security
  2. Azure AD Conditional Access policies
  3. Identity Secure Score

You can find more about these new features right here [OnMSFT]

PDF's and Office files can now be saved in Google Drive in the new G Suite Beta. The new beta expansion gives users to the chance to work on PDF's and other non-Google files. While this is just in a trial beta form, it is also not yet available for Chrome OS users as of yet.

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