Cloud News Review week of 5/20/2019

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This week on Cloud News Review

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has sent out a "scam alert" warning users to not click on phony Microsoft Office email notifications for a new voice mail message. The BBB claims that the scam is so convincing, that they themselves almost fell for it. The BBB advices you to never click on links from strangers and to always be cautious of unsolicited emails. [SmallBizTrends]

iboss has announced enhanced classroom management capabilities for Google's G Suite. These new enhancements will "allow teachers to effectively manage student learning activities interactively". Abilities for teachers include: viewing students screens and performing actions in real time like closing out browser pages. YahooFinance.

A couple of recent facts for you about Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams:

  1. 91 of the Fourtune 100 use Teams.
  2. Office 365 Commercial has 180 million users.
  3. More than 150 organizations have over 10,000 active Teams users.

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