Cloud News Review week of 4/16/2018

Cloud News Review week of 4/16/2018

This week on Cloud News Review

Google is releasing a new feature in Gmail that many are quite excited for, The new “Confidential” mode for Gmail from GSuite. Confidential mode will give the power to send emails through the server and the receiver will not be able to copy, paste, or print anywhere on the email to make sure the content is secure. The sender also has the option to send “self-destructing” emails for extra security. However, Google is still working on a way so the receiver cannot screenshot the email.

The Department of Homeland Security CIO is mandating that all TSA agencies move every component to Windows 10 by the end of 2018. The department is looking to restructure their whole system to make the move an easy transition. TSA is looking at moving to Microsoft Office 365, taking advantage of disaster recovery and record management all in the cloud.

Jim Cramer of the CNBC show “Mad Money” talked about the increase that people need in cyber-security and which ones have been flying under the radar. One of them is Okta which Kramer claims “This company is an expert in multi-factor authentication, or building multiple steps to a login to prevent breaches.”

Microsoft is becoming on par with the heavyweight cloud computing champion Amazon Web Services. Microsoft acquired Cloudyn last year which has now transitioned into the company’s Azure platform under the name “Cost Management”. The service provides reports on usage and charges and keeps track of expenses you may have in the future.

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