Cloud News Review week of 3/4/2019

    This week in Cloud News Review

    SIM Colorado is hosting the annual Colorado IT Symposium at the Colorado Convention Center. The Symposium gathers more than 200 Denver IT executives together for a day of networking and collaboration. Some company executives in attendance include: Intel, Alchemy Tech Group, and Okta. [PRWeb]

    Microsoft is using AI with your smartphone! A new feature, currently in beta testing, will allow users to take a picture that looks like a grid or table and will turn it into a workable Excel spreadsheet from Office 365. When this feature is to get a full released is not yet known. [Forbes]

    Could Microsoft be the next trillion dollar company? That is the question Business Times asks. Their article goes through step by step on how the tech giant could become the next monster corporation like Amazon with references to the cloud and LinkedIn as potential to put them over the top.

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