Cloud News Review week of 3/25/2019

    This week on Cloud News Review

    Cloud Management Software provider, SkyKick has said that they are launching what is called QuantumSync for Office 365. What this new update promises is an increase in performance by boosting security for the Microsoft suite by ensuring a more quick and secure way to transfer data in Office 365.

    Google is in beta testing for a new file searching feature. In this new service, when on internet browser Chrome, users will be able to type in the name of a file in the search/url bar and it can show suggestions for files they have access to in Google Drive. Users will now be able to search and see Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDF's and more right on their browser.

    Internet browser Mozilla Firefox has stoped a rollout of Firefox 66 edition. It is reported that this new system has a bug where if an individual tried to log into their Office 365 account and opened up Powerpoint, no text would be able to be seen. Users are advised not to use this version of Firefox until the problem is resolved.

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