Cloud News Review week of 3/18/2019

    This week on Cloud News Review

    Goldman Sachs analysts have upgraded Okta stock from a neutral to buy. Reasons for the move include: believing the company is the leader in indentity management and on an upside potential. [streetinsider]

    G Suite will now give admins more control over SMS authentication. Last week, on Google's G Suite they are offering admins the option to disable SMS for security purposes. Keep in mind though "Users who rely solely on SMS will be locked out of their accounts if another method is not added before the admin disables the option." [androidpolice]

    Internet Solutions has integrated enterprise-grade voice services into Microsoft Office 365. According to IT-Online, "From 14 March 2019, businesses running Office 365 can seamlessly use high quality voice capabilities within Microsoft Teams, allowing for the increased productivity and efficiency that the modern workplace demands." [IT-Online]

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