Cloud News Review week of 12/3/2019

    This week on Cloud News Review

    Microsoft has released a new build of their Office 365 suite to improve the overall experience for users. Updates include the Outlook desktop app being more "accessibility friendly" and the use of "Files Needing Attention", a feature that notifies the user of any files that weren't saved properly. [OnMSFT]

    Google is rolling out a new interactive "dynamic email" coming to Android and IOS. According to 9to5Google, "Instead of clicking links that open a new browser, dynamic emails lets you interact with calandar events, respond to questionnaires, and browse catalogs right from a message".

    Some more updates that were done throughout the month of November for Office 365 include: integration for Sticky Notes, OneNote 2016 Dark Mode, and a new Sheet View in Excel which allows users to filter data and sort it to their needs. Have a look at all the updates here! [OnMSFT]

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