Cloud News Review week of 12/10/2018

    This week on Cloud News Review

    To help out with persons with disabilities, Microsoft is now rolling out live subtitles for Skype and Powerpoint. The functionality of this platform will render speech as text while it is being said. It is currently only available for English but is expected to expand to 20 different languages. [neowin]

    The increase in cloud services is so high in Bahrain, IDC (International Data Corporation) research shows that by the year 2022 the cloud industry plus Microsoft's technology ecosystem will generate over 5,600 jobs. Microsoft will be contributing at least 400 of those jobs. [hrmasia]

    Google is now adding "smart replies" to its Hangouts app. With the new GSuite update, users will be able to see pre-generated options to send in messages. Over time, the replies start to learn your normal words and phrases and set them up for you. [androidheadlines]

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