Cloud News Review week of 11/11/2019

    This week on Cloud News Review

    Microsoft has launched a new service called "Project Cortex". The service, used for Microsoft 365, collects information from the apps you use everyday, recognizes content types, and organizes that information into shared topics like products, projects, and customers. [KMWorld]

    An article by PR Newswire has claimed that one in three (37%) cloud migrations fail because U.S. businesses do not make the cloud part of their core strategy. It also states that nearly eight in 10 (77%) of businesses for which the cloud was a core part of their strategy, saw great or moderate improvements from cloud migration. You can read the entire report here: [PRNewswire]

    Zoom and Microsoft Teams will soon be integrated. Starting in early 2020, Zoom Rooms will join Microsoft Teams meetings and Microsoft Team Rooms will be able to join Zoom meetings all without third-party services. With just one click, users of both Zoom and Microsoft Teams can join each other's meetings with high-quality audio and video. [RavePubs]

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