Cloud News Review week of 10/29/2018

    This week on Cloud News Review

    Microsoft has increased the price of Office 2019 to push people more toward the subscription based Office 365. Microsoft says that Office 365 is the future with its always updated services and online based applications as opposed to ones stored on a local server. [TomsHardware]

    A new GSuite shortcut makes creating new documents easier. For all GSuite users, going to your browser and typing in what you want then ".new" will open up a brand new document for you to work on. Examples including "" "" and "" [DigitalInformationWorld]

    Dartmouth College is now joining the Aristotle Cloud Federation. ACF is a group of universities that are working together to build a cloud computing resource to be used in academic research. Dartmouth joins the likes of other colleges such as Cornell University, University at Buffalo, and University of California, Santa Barbara. [HPCwire]

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